Uljanik TESU d.d.

Uljanik TESU d.d.

Uljanik TESU d.d.

Uljanik TESU d.d. is the company with 60 years long tradition in the production of electric machines and equipment. The company was founded in 1952 following the Croatian shipbuilding industry development strategy. For years past the company production programme has been constantly developed and made suitable to meet the market demands and today Uljanik TESU is specialized in the production of the medium rated synchronous generators.

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Flaciusova 1, PO Box 7 , Pula , 52100 Croatia
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

We design, produce, and sell:

  • Low-voltage synchronous generators
  • Medium-voltage synchronous generators
  • High-voltage synchronous generators

Main applications of our synchronous machines include :

  • Marine diesel generators
  • Marine shaft generators
  • Generators for mini hydro power plants
  • Locomotive traction generators
  • Land application

All these products are available in different versions and in power range of up to 8000 kVA.

Our primary strenght lies in the high-quality products that are the result of concerted work of the skilled staff who are redy to respond promptly and in professional manner to all requests of our customers.

Uljanik TESU d.d. commenced its operations in 1952 as an electrical workshop within Uljanik shipyard. The shipbuilding industry development strategy and the general trend of industrial production development in those days, imposed a task upon the newly established workshop of developing the electric machines and equipment for the parent shipyard needs.

During 1953 the production of arc welding converters was developing and in 1963 Uljanik TESU commenced the production of the three-phase synchronous generators. In those days, the production of the pole-switchable, multispeed asynchronous motors for deck machinery drive, the electromotors and generating sets started. The company development was also spurred by the acquisition of the products and technology based on the licence Agreements with renowned producers like SIEMENS (generators) and ESAB (welding machines). It was the basis for the own design and development programme expansion what resulted in the products based upon own technology, and know-how.

From the late sixties on, Uljanik TESU has also been producing the electric equipment for other Croatian shipyards in addition to the parent shipyard needs. At that time, the company started the production of electric machines and equipment for land application and the company was selling them on the market of the whole former Yugoslavia. From the year 1980 on, the company has been selling its products on the world market.

Today, the company Uljanik TESU d.d is doing a successful business on the world market. During the last some twenty years, a significant success has been recorded on the synchronous generators market for mini hydro power plants, besides the market of synchronous generators for marine application, and Uljanik TESU d.d. has become the specialized renowed producer of the special purpose built quality generators.