Ultra Electronics Communication and Integrated Systems

Ultra Electronics Communication and Integrated Systems

Ultra Electronics Communication and Integrated Systems produce market-leading secure communication systems, intelligence gathering and situational awareness technology for the world’s most challenging environments, from Mt Everest to the Sahara desert. We engineer innovative solutions to make communication possible where it has never been before. Our clients rest assured that with Ultra CIS, they have the most secure communication the world has to offer no matter where they operate. From electronic warfare to information assurance, we engineer products not only to be future-proof, but also to be compatible with legacy technology. Whether it is a solution for a Typhoon fighter jet or an oil and gas platform, our products are mindful of the past but geared towards the future; protecting your investment. Ultra CIS is part of the Ultra Electronics group, a world leader in the Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets with a turnover of over £785 million.

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419 Bridport Road , Greenford , Middlesex UB6 8UA United Kingdom
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Globally (various continents)
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Defence & Aerospace

Ultra supplies advanced electronic and electrical systems and equipment to defence forces around the world. The Group innovates to provide specialist capabilities that are superior to the threat and that are closely matched to the customer's environment and need.  

Security & Cyber

Both government functions and commercial enterprises are faced with threats from the cyber domain. Ultra provides highly-differentiated systems and capabilities to the broad security, intelligence and cyber market protecting against cyber attacks from rogue states, terrorist groups and organised crime.


Demand in all areas of mass transit is being driven by rising populations, nation building spurred on by rapid growth in the world’s developing economies and investment in ageing infrastructure in developed countries. Ultra provides specialist software, systems and equipment for use in mass passenger transport systems.


Countries around the world are addressing the strategic need to have secure access to increasing amounts of low carbon energy. Ultra has a range of safety critical sensors and controls used in nuclear reactors as well as highly developed sensors for underwater hydrocarbon mapping.