Ultraflux has specialised in ultrasound instrumentation since 1974, developing, manufacturing and selling solutions based on the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. This method enables non-intrusive, permanent, portable and bi-directional flow measurements to be taken. The Ultraflux range is primarily made up of flow meters and detectors. It includes: Portable flow meters, fixed flow meters for full pipe flows, fixed flow meters for free surface flows, sphere and scraper detectors, interface detectors, level measurements, measurement spools.

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Éragny Parc / 9 Allée Rosa Luxemburg , Le Technoparc , Éragny Sur Oise 95610 France
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Since its foundation in 1974, ULTRAFLUX has been dedicating its activities to the application of ultrasonic techniques to :

  • The measurement of flow of homogeneous liquids
  • in full pipes : fixed flow meter (single or dual-chord system) with clamp-on or insertion probes, portable flow meter
  • in open channels (sewers, irrigation networks, and rivers)
  • The measurement of flow of gas,
  • The identification of interfaces in multiproduct pipelines,
  • The sphere & pig detection in pipelines.

The principle of measurement is based on the transit-time measurement of ultrasonic waves, which allows for continuous and bidirectional metering.

ULTRAFLUX distributes its products all over the world, and exports more than 50 % of its production.

As a specialist in ultrasound transit time flow rate measurements, Ultraflux was one of the first companies in the world to establish itself in this business sector. It now has 40 years of experience and has developed extensive expertise in ultrasonic flow measurements.

The excellent R&D team at Ultraflux reacts quickly to changing market requirements and is able to develop new innovative products to match demand.

At Ultraflux, the emphasis is placed on high-quality service, as reflected in its:

  • implementation engineers, who act as the interface with the design office in the management of large projects.
  • team of technicians, who are dedicated to installing and maintaining the equipment and providing an after-sales service.

A word from the chairman
As the world’s pioneer in ultrasonic flowmeters, it was Ultraflux who developed the first instruments to be used in specific measurement applications by the major French groups. Since 1974, Ultraflux has kept on growing, continually consolidating our original expertise and skills.

This is what makes us, and our services, unique. One third of our workforce is made up of Engineers or Doctors. We place utmost importance on innovation, and this is backed up by a strict metrological approach and the results from our experimental facilities. We are active across a huge range of industries, from water and the environment to oil, chemistry, nuclear and hydroelectric… By combining a technological focus – ultrasonic flowmeters – and our multi-sector and multi-application skills, we convert our talents into a real growth engine for the company.

In an effort to support this growth, Ultraflux moved to a new site in 2012. It gives us more space to build up our production facilities and install an even more effective research laboratory.

Lastly, we are continuing to strengthen our application engineering department in order to provide even more services to our customers, whether in terms of managing complex projects in collaboration with integrators or design offices, or in terms of technical support around our measuring points before, during and after installation.

A complete understanding of processes and a metrological approach are now more than ever vehicles for progress in both industry and research.

This is our vision, and our commitment.

Ultraflux has been implementing a quality improvement and sustainable development policy for several years with a view to meeting its customers’ requirements while also protecting the environment.

The customer always comes first at Ultraflux, which is why we strive to achieve customer satisfaction while complying with our legal and regulatory requirements. This is why the company places particular importance on its commitments to Quality and the Environment.

ISO certifications

Ultraflux is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
You can download our certificates at the following links: ISO9001_certificat_Ultraflux   ISO14001_certificat_Ultraflux

ATEX certifications

Some of our products are also ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres.
Download the official documentation:
Certification ATEX Ultraflux  Notification ATEX Ultraflux