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The business was developed over the last twenty years. Historically the company designed, developed and installed systems for desalination, water and waste water treatment used in the military, marine and leachate industries. In 2014 the group underwent a restructuring process and the systems building business was discontinued. The “After Sales” business in Italy and Germany has continued to provide service, maintenance and parts to customers. Several strategic partners have been identified who can help deliver complete water treatment systems if customers require them. Our historical involvement in the development of this technology and sale of these systems, provides us with years of expertise and experience in the industry.

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Via degli Artigiani 51 , Genova , 16162 Italy
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Business Type:
Service provider
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Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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The ROCHEM group of companies was founded in 1973. Its vision was to serve the needs of marine customers in the marine chemical and maintenance field in all major ports worldwide. Today, marine installations exist in over 50 countries. Additionally, ROCHEM has expanded to include numerous non-marine industrial projects. ROCHEM first introduced Reverse Osmosis into its product line in 1982 when in began marketing its G4 module. The introduction followed licensing of the G4's plate technology by GKSS. At the time, ship owners were having operational difficulties with competitive RO technologies. This led ROCHEM RO WASSERBEHANDLUNG GMBH to embark upon a research and development program to produce a membrane module. In 1986, the project resulted in the Disc Tube (DT) Module Technology that received worldwide patent coverage.

ROCHEM'S DT Module uses a unique membrane module construction that results in an open channel, unrestricted and fully turbulent feed water cross-flow system configuration. The turbulence prevents suspended solids carried in the feed water from being trapped or settling inside the membrane module. As a result, infrequent and highly successful maintenance cleaning of the membrane is achieved using a standard inbuilt cleaning system. Unlike other RO systems, the need for pre-treatment of seawater feed with acid or other chemicals is eliminated. The system guarantees full performance, high reliability and greatly extended membrane life.The

ROCHEM RO plants are shipboard system favorites. Over 1200 installations with varying capacities ranging from small vessels to the very largest, including the NATO Navies, are in daily use all over the world. Their modular construction allows the flexibility to make system design and installation relatively easy on any vessel. Certified by all well-known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation and are easy to maintain.

ROCHEM is unique because of its multi-faceted approach to effective filtration. The ROCHEM GROUP combines the following to produce outstanding systems:

  •     Research and development
  •     Technical know-how
  •     Patented products
  •     Module manufacturing
  •     System design and engineering
  •     System installation
  •     Direct contact with the end user

The expertise gained from its experience in the marine industry has enabled ROCHEM to design and build RO Systems for other applications such as industrial plants and hotels. In 1989, ROCHEM entered the industrial leachate (liquid toxic waste) treatment market for landfill locations, one of which was Schonberg, the largest waste disposal site in Europe. Due to its DT Module Technology and advanced plant technology, ROCHEM quickly became a leader in the market reaching over $40 million in sales with 150 employees in 21 countries.

At the beginning of 1998, PALL Corp. USA, one of the largest suppliers of filtration equipment in the world, acquired the right to market certain ROCHEM products including its DT technology. PALL established PALL ROCHEM WASSERTECHNIK, headquartered in Hamburg, to promote and sell RO systems worldwide.

Meanwhile, the ROCHEM Group was using the knowledge and experience gained through its leachate installations to develop new REVERSE OSMOSIS, NANOFILTRATION and ULTRAFILTRATION technologies. Existing ultrafiltration systems on the market were beset with problems in attempting to treat wastewater containing fouling impurities and suspended solids. It developed its new-patented membrane module to add to its line of products. Known as the FM MODULE, this new technology can address special requirements such as the treatment of Grey Water on ships to meet environmental discharge requirements. The FM Module is also used to treat and convert surface water to drinking water on shore.

The ROCHEM Group established the ROCHEM UF SYSTEME GmbH, located in Hamburg in 1998, to promote and sell BIOFILT®, a newly designed BIOREACTOR. Its special treatment technology is intended to replace conventional aerobic biological sewage plants aboard ships. Based on a high-density biological process combined with a UF Membrane System, BIOFILT will produce a pure, clean discharge without requiring additional chlorination or other chemical treatment. By treating all wastewater and sewage water on sea-going ships with BIOFILT before discharge overboard, marine life and organisms will be protected and a truly 'Environmentally Sound Ship' is achievable.

ROCHEM products are available through a number of subsidiary companies and agents worldwide.

Rochem provides equipment and services for the recovery of high-quality water and the removal of toxic contaminants from industrial and process waste water streams. Rochem's Vision is to be a primary source of key process separation technologies and services for ships at sea, refiners, chemical manufacturers and other companies with difficult-to-handle petroleum/petrochemical waste water streams. Rochem will endeavor to combine innovative process engineering strategies with synergistic technologies to provide customers the most beneficial, cost-effective system options for meeting their needs.