Underwater Engineering Services, Inc.

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc.

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. provides professional engineering, marine contracting, inspection, repair, maintenance, restoration and data management services to the power generation, government agencies, pulp and paper, water storage, waste water treatment, chemical maritime, petroleum, construction and transportation industries. Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is experienced, qualified, and certified to perform all of the above work. UESI`s quality and safety programs are committed to excellence and provide comprehensive risk and technical assurance. UESI has been serving the Nuclear Industry since 1974, and has provided Diving Services since 1984.

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3306 Enterprise Road , Fort Pierce , Florida 34982 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Waste Consulting and Engineering
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Nationally (across the country)

S.G. Pinney and Associates, Inc. (SGPAI) began in 1977. Originally the company specialized in Protective Coatings technology and Corrosion Engineering including material selection, preparation of specifications, corrosion surveys, nondestructive examination, QA/QC inspection activities, and other related services during both construction and operational phases at power facilities. Recognizing the need for comprehensive maintenance services in nuclear power plant immersion areas, SGPAI formed the Underwater Engineering Services group in 1984 to provide these and other services in immersion environments. SGPAI pioneered numerous inspection & repair processes which could be performed by specialized skilled certified divers in the nuclear industry. UESI (amended name in 2007) now offers the full scope of Nuclear Diving Services including nuclear safety related services, non-nuclear safety related, and balance of plant services and includes maintenance, retrofits, spent fuel pool services, reactor vessel and internals, underwater welding, plasma arc, electronic/exothermic cutting, underwater demolition comprehensive inspection, nondestructive examinations, ASME Section XI, condition assessment & failure analysis, nuclear consulting and qualification services among the many services provided both in immersion and above water.

The scope of services provided by UESI quickly expanded to fill a need for quality services to perform concrete rehabilitation at power production facilities. As the company employed new trades including carpenters, masons and boat captains UESI developed a reputation for quality workmanship performing numerous tasks as a contractor completing restoration of marine structure and erosion control projects. Project owners have included Florida DOT, South Florida Water Management, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Florida Power and Light. Restoration projects have included a wide variety of structures including bridges, water control structures, plant intakes, bulkheads, seawalls, piers, wharves and small boat facilities. Erosion control projects have included installation of geotextile - filter fabrics, pump-in-place concrete revetments, pre-cast articulating mats and limestone rip–rap. With the numerous erosion control projects, in-house trades have been expanded to include equipment operators. Other projects have included traveling water screen rehabilitation, mud removal, trash rack installation, pipeline construction and repair, underwater welding and cutting, and removal of hazardous material.

Our mission is to safely provide our clients with only the highest quality services, materials and finished products. The use of a permanent corporate Quality Assurance Program and safety program is to ensure the achievement and maintenance of a consistently high level of safety and functional integrity, quality and reliability.

Mission Statement
Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with only the highest quality services and materials. To further this objective, a permanent corporate Quality Assurance Program ensures the achievement and maintenance of a consistently high level of functional integrity, quality, and reliability.   UESI and its employees are dedicated to providing the safest and healthiest working conditions possible.  The UESI goal is zero injuries, accidents, and losses every day, every week, every year.