Underwater Kinetics

Underwater Kinetics

In 1971 our founder, Alan Uke, started Underwater Kinetics out of his dorm room at UCSD and it has been his labor of love ever since. In 1974, we were the company that invented the high-powered, small flashlight, revolutionizing the world of hand held lights. Our products continue to deliver the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability, and superior performance. Only UK combines long-lasting reliability with ground-breaking design and ideas. We continue to do what we’ve always done best: innovate technology that raises the bar and blazes the path. Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Better. It’s what we’re all about.

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2380 Mira Mar Ave. , Long Beach , CA 92064 USA
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The Self Draining Tank Boot

The first product to make it big for Underwater Kinetics was the Self Draining Tank Boot. Back in 1971, rust was a common problem with standard tank boots. Since there was no way for salt water to drain out, it would eventually corrode and ultimately ruin the tank. To solve this problem, Alan patented a new design that included ribs which allowed trapped water to easily drain away. The new design also helped to prevent tanks from rolling around thanks to it's unique shape.

The Super Q

If the Tank Boot was a success, then the Super Q-Lite was a runaway hit. In 1974, most dive lights were large and bulky. At 1/10 th the size of every other dive light, the Super Q was the first light to deliver efficient power and a rechargeable battery in such a small package. The Super Q outsold every other dive light in it's second year of production and its patents are used as the backbone of many modern flashlights.