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  • Testing Services

    UL’s global network of dedicated testing facilities and laboratories allow us to deliver innovative, customized solutions that streamline testing for customers operating accessing markets around the world. With an exacting testing process, driven by more than a century of technical expertise, UL technical experts help customers corroborate that products and services meet proprietary specifications, government regulations and consumer expectations. Our tools and testing processes continuou

  • Air and Water Field Testing Services

    Air and Water Field Testing Services

    Air and water field testing, conducted on installed windows and curtain walls, is intended to help ensure the quality of installation, the performance of installed products, and verify compliance with architect and industry specifications. It also identifies the source of water damage and leakage problems in the field through forensic investigations.

  • NEBS Testing Services

    NEBS Testing Services

    UL offers a comprehensive NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) testing service, guiding our customers through both Telecommunications Carrier Group (TCG) and Telcordia requirements. UL's custom testing helps business verify that their telecommunications network devices can interact safely and reliably within specified environments, under both normal and demanding conditions. Backed by worldwide recognition of its safety science testing and compliance...

  • Inspection Services

    In today’s complex market of sophisticated supply chains and intricate regulatory requirements, UL provides customers a clear and expert assessment of products to determine suitability, quality, reliability and compliance. Our experienced teams design and implement customized inspection programs that meet the unique needs of customers. Whether evaluating on-site, in UL facilities, or in the field, we independently assess defined criteria to help customers understand and close compliance g

  • Building Inspections Services

    Building Inspections Services

    UL's building inspection services leverage more than a century of experience in testing, certifying and inspecting fire and life safety and security products. UL's in-depth knowledge of local, national and international codes meets the increasing need among building owners, developers, facility managers and architects for inspections of fire and life safety and security systems in their buildings. When a fire occurs, fire and life safety and security...

  • Field Inspection Service

    Field Inspection Service

    UL's field inspection provides a solution for installed equipment and products that have active UL certification but are not properly labeled with the UL Mark. In these cases, UL can provide an on-site inspection to allow such products or equipment to be field-labeled, saving time and costs associated with removal for relabeling.

  • Auditing Services

    UL’s auditing service delivers insight, support and solutions aimed at helping customers address the evolving challenges of the global marketplace. As an independent service provider, we provide holistic and objective assessments of a customer’s facility, process or system to either industry-wide, specifier or manufacturer requirements. Our technical capabilities and industry expertise allow us to pinpoint inconsistencies, weaknesses and risks as well as strengths and opportunities

  • Brand Audit Services

    Brand Audit Services

    A consistent brand is an essential business asset that helps attract sales and promote customer loyalty. UL’s customizable brand audit and reporting program is designed to fulfill the distinctive needs of retailers, helping ensure the integrity and proper usage of brand marketing across touch points and locations.

  • Advisory and Education

    Backed by more than a century of cross-industry experience and technical expertise, UL’s team of knowledge experts are uniquely positioned to provide customized action plans, knowledge sharing, training and workshops. Whether technical assistance to troubleshoot product development issues, training on global market access, or advice on continuous improvement for sustainable ROI, customers can turn to UL to help advance their business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

  • Advisory Services

    Advisory Services

    In today's global economy, organizations can gain a true competitive advantage by accelerating product development; effectively managing safety, compliance and regulatory risks; and accessing new markets. UL's Advisory Services deliver end-to-end solutions that empower customers to identify new opportunities, fully leverage their core competencies and achieve their business objectives.