Unimin Corporation

Unimin Corporation

Unimin Corporation

Unimin Corporation is an application-focused company drawing from a diversified product portfolio and the worldwide production capabilities of Sibelco, our privately held parent organization. We are the world’s largest producer of low-iron nepheline syenite used in glass, ceramic, paint and plastics, and the largest producer of quartz proppants for oil and natural gas stimulation and recovery. We are also the world’s leading producer of high purity quartz, a highly specialized product used in the fabrication of integrated circuits, solar photovoltaic cells, and high-intensity lighting. Unimin processing plants are situated on the continent’s best mineral deposits; each a multi-million dollar investment in chemical consistency, product uniformity and reliable supply. Regional offices, technical centers, and analytical laboratories are organized to support production and commercial activities and serve as customer resource centers.

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258 Elm Street , New Canaan , Connecticut 06840 USA
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Creating Value
Unimin maintains strong customer relationships by delivering quality, service and expert technical support. A fundamental strength of the Company is its application-focused technical centers and customer teams.

With hands-on industry experience, these teams help improve productivity, create a performance advantage or develop next-generation products in a wide range of customer applications.

To convert concepts into production realities, we operate one of the world’s largest industrial mineral research organizations. Marketing and product development teams draw upon the expertise of scientists and industry experts to optimize functionality, performance, and value. Committed to both basic and applied research, this group has pioneered new and proprietary technologies that make it possible for Unimin to convert natural resources into engineered mineral solutions.

Unimin is managed with a long term perspective. We invest for the future and manage for the next decade, with emphasis on growth, diversification and sustainable development.

Our business model is built upon the strategic alignment of superior and extensive mineral deposits, advanced production technologies and skilled and innovative people to deliver performance and value to our customers.

Perhaps more than any other business, mining, and mineral processing companies are defined by their corporate values and the policies and practices that govern daily operations. We’re committed to the principles of sustainability and the responsible development of resources to fulfill today’s needs without compromising the needs and requirements of future generations.

Each Unimin plant is a multi-million dollar investment in quality, consistency and technical innovation. Mining and manufacturing processes are vertically integrated to convert natural mineral deposits into engineered products.

With continuous feedback, Unimin employs proprietary processing, separation and refining technologies to deliver the physical, chemical and functional properties sought by our customers for their specific applications.

The collaborative development of cleaning booths to remove dust from worker’s clothing, the use helmet mounted video cameras and direct-reading aerosol monitors to identify potential workplace hazards, and the refinement of Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Exposures (EVADE) software are safety innovations envisioned or advanced at Unimin. We’re particularly proud that the cleaning booth and EVADE innovations are employed outside of the mining industry to protect workers in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and construction environments.

Health and safety is truly a team effort at Unimin. Engagement of the entire team in the safety & health process, particularly the front-line worker, is the key to achieving our goal of ‘Zero Harm’.

Front-line worker hands-on experience brings valuable insights to our safety & health initiatives and yields practical programs that are collaboratively conceived and collectively implemented.

Employee ownership of Unimin’s safety & health programs is also the key to our ‘Zero Harm’ initiative, otherwise known as ‘Going For Zero’. Our ‘Going for Zero’ program is a comprehensive and continuously improving process that addresses the three pillars of our safety & health program – safe plant, safe procedures and safe behaviors. The program combines training, rigorous adherence to lifesaving rules, positive reinforcement of safe behaviors and comprehensive auditing.

At Unimin, our first lifesaving rule is ‘Safety Always Before Production’ because there is simply nothing more important than every employee, contractor or visitor going home safe and healthy to their family each and every day.