We at Uniqair have a unique experience with controlling odors with cold plasma injection, (Non Thermal Plasma). Since developing the plasma injection technology in 1994 and treating more than 3,000,000 m3/h = 1,800,000 cfm (median 17,000 m3/h or 10,000 cfm per system) world wide, we have improved this technology to be the most efficient, compact and economical available today. We evaluate odor reduction requirements with a small pilot demo unit at your site and provide odor dispersion modelling with independent odor labs to demonstrate and provide the required efficiency according to local regulations! No more odor complaints.

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Unit 100 - 34434 McConnell Road , Abbotsford , British Columbia V2S 7P1 Canada

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Air and Climate - Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)
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