Untersuchungsinstitut Heppeler GmbH

Complex analytical laboratory services in the environmental form a core competence of our institute. From the eligible sample, on the precise analysis to competent evaluation, we perform physico-chemical and microbiological water testing. We test for corrosion-chemical parameters and create mixed water calculations. Please request our knowledge in the areas of Drinking water analysis. Mineral, table and spa water analysis. Bathing water analysis. Sewage analysis. Waste analysis and soil analysis.

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Marie-Curie-Str. 7 , Lörrach , 79539 Germany

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Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services
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Internationally (various countries)

We have expertise in the development and utilisation of chemical and microbiological operating procedures for the examination and adjudication of:

  • pharmaceutical products, drugs, active substances and excipients
  • cosmetics
  • drinking water
  • bath water
  • waste water
  • mud
  • soil
  • legacy
  • refuse
  • gas

Complex analytical services in the environmental and pharmaceutical field are the main topics of our laboratory - a brief survey:

  • analysis of heavy metals
  • screening of various elements and organic toxicants
  • microbiological analysis
  • determination of biological degradability and toxicity
  • determination of phyto-pharmaceutical substances and pesticides
  • determination of halogenated compounds, such as PCB (polychlorated biphenyls), LHKW, BTXE, PAK
  • analysis of mineral oils
  • determination of isotopes
  • examination of purity, identity and quantity of drugs, active substances and auxiliary material according to the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and DAB under GMP-conditions
  • purity, identity and assay tests of pharmaceutical products according to GMP-conditions
  • stability-testing according to ICH-guidelines under GMP-conditions
  • development and validation of methods according to ICH-guidelines under GMP-conditions
  • viscosity-, density-, hardness- and refractive-index-testing
  • in-vitro-dissolution-testing

As of the FDA and the German authorities inspected and accepted GMP-Lab, we develop analytical methods, validate according to the current ICH-guidelines and are proficient in chemical and microbiological analytics for the determination of pharmaceutical products, active substances and excipients in the terms of the § 14 (4) AMG and in compliance with the GMP- guidelines.

Hereunto belong

  • atomic absorption spectroscopy for element analysis
  • analysis of refractive index
  • density determination
  • capillary electrophoresis
  • dissolution testing with paddel-, bascet- und cylinder method and following determination of assay with HPLC, GC, UV etc.
  • thin layer chromatography
  • GC (FID, WLD, NPD) and GC-MS determination of assay and purity testing
  • hardness testing of tablets with thickness, length and mass testing
  • HPLC/UPLC (DAD, VWD, RID, FLD) and HPLC-MS-MS determination of assay and purity testing
  • hygiene monitoring, with bacterial count of air and contact plates for surfaces
  • ion chromatographic assay
  • IR-spectroscopy
  • microbiological testing for efficacy of antimicrobial preservation of non sterile pharmaceutical preparations
  • testing of the microbiological qualitiy of non sterile pharmaceutical preparations
  • microscopy
  • determination of residual solvents with GC
  • cleaning validation, analytics of rinse- and swab samples
  • melting point testing
  • heavy metal analytics
  • heavy metals with ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS
  • stability testing including storage of stability samples, handling in GMP-motored climate chambers
  • titrations
  • TOC-analysis of purified water
  • UPLC assay and purity testing
  • UV-absorption testing
  • viscosity testing
  • water content with Karl-Fischer titration

and many other methods.