UNTHA shredding technology is a mechanical engineering company based in Salzburg that specializes in the development and manufacture of industrial shredders, MSW shredders, RDF/SRF shredders, shear shredders and wood shredders for a wide range of applications. UNTHA has many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of shredding technology. Thanks to our sophisticated technical know-how, strong focus on the individual wishes and problems of our customers and extensive range of machines and cutting systems, we are able to offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions.

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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When it comes to shredding technology, we are the quality leader in all the markets we serve! We clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the extraordinarily high reliability of our products and services, which enables us to generate economic benefits for our customers. Our shredding solutions also help save valuable raw material resources, promote material reuse and recycling, and and facilitate profitable energy from waste recovery. We are therefore making a valuable contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

True for more than 40 years, UNTHA is the most reliable brand in shredding technology! This promise will continue long into the future – we do not abandon our customers and we make no compromises with respect to reliability. The usual rule is: Once UNTHA, always UNTHA. Our customers worldwide remain loyal to the UNTHA brand and recommend us to others.

Welcome to the world of reliable shredding technology!

Since the company was founded in 1970, UNTHA has been fulfilling its promise to be 'The reliable brand', meaning that we do everything we can to be more reliable than other providers. This applies to all UNTHA products and services. For our customers, this means that choosing an UNTHA system was the best decision they could make.


Positioning and success factors

Our positioning is based on our uncompromising reliability that can be seen in our products, services and all business activities.

This is what differentiates us clearly and continually from our competitors! Reliability is our promise, our core message and the essence of our brand. Problem-solving expertise, innovation capabilities, commitment to service and a focus on quality, are our central brand characteristics that lead to our success.

Our innovation power

Innovation means progress and it drives our success here at UNTHA. Customer demands keep growing and technical requirements are becoming increasingly more complex. The combination of our in-house research and development department and the internal/external UNTHA test centres guarantee innovative and trendsetting shredding solutions. Many innovations, patents and awards evidence our leading role in the field of shredding technology.

Our problem-solving expertise

Our problem-solving expertise is an important success factor. More than 40 years of expertise in shredding technology enables us to implement even the most unusual customer requests. UNTHA engineers will always find the right solution, however complex the project.

Based on extensive trials in our test centres, and on the technologies that have been tried and tested a thousand times over, we will always find the optimal configuration of the respective shredding machine. We solve many shredding problems that are beyond other manufacturers' abilities!

Our focus on quality

All shredding machines are developed, manufactured and assembled at our Kuchl location, – for quality from a single source 'Made in Austria'. The highest technical production standards, modern CNC processing centres and continuously conducted quality controls guarantee highest reliability. Thanks to this, our machines remain operational even under extreme conditions.

The UNTHA in-house quality management system was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and focuses on the highest quality. Our most important objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. To this end, all processes are continuously monitored. Products and services are subject to a continuous improvement process.

Our service orientation

It is more than just the high reliability of our innovative products and technologies that have led to UNTHA's success. We are also renowned for the way we constantly strive to meet our customers' requirements, wishes and needs.

A comprehensive service network, quick replacement part provision, modern machine diagnostics and troubleshooting via remote maintenance, as well as cost-effective cutting unit reconditioning/reprocessing, guarantee that UNTHA shredding machines operate smoothly and fulfil the task they were built to do – to reliably shred.

Our flexibility

Only a flexible company is able to fulfil complex customer needs and adapt to the continuously evolving market. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are therefore basic parameters that we take into account to the highest degree in all our processes. We manufacture more than 80% of our own components, to ensure maximum flexibility and short delivery times.

Our authenticity

We keep our promises - without compromise! Authenticity means that you can trust in UNTHA's reliability. This promise ensures a fair and long-term relationship. Authenticity is therefore a central feature of our brand in all business activities.

Our loyalty

Loyalty and constancy have always been important cornerstones of the UNTHA brand. This means having strong relationships with our distribution partners, customers, employees and suppliers that are supported to a large degree by commitment and a sense of duty.

Our responsibility

We are fully aware of our responsibility to our distribution partners, customers, employees and suppliers as well as all stakeholders. We therefore always act in a sustainable manner and are committed to a responsible and ambassadorial approach to resources and the environment.

Capability statement

There are many reasons to choose UNTHA. The following graphic gives you another comprehensive overview of our abilities and competencies.

Our RDF shredding solutions enable you to optimally recycle waste into substitute fuels / alternative fuels and ensure high quality by producing a homogeneous granulate free of foreign objects.

The goal of recycling is to use the valuable energy contained in the waste and to substitute the use of fossil fuels. During the recycling process the portions with a high calorific value are separated from the commercial and industrial waste and turned into a marketable product. Depending on the calorific value and the granular size, these fuels are used in fluidised bed combustion, cement plants and substitute fuel power plants.

The waste undergoes a single-phase or multi-phase recycling process to separate the fractions with a high calorific value from household waste, bulky waste, industrial waste, commercial waste and sorting residue.

Our shredders are well suited for a 1-step or 2-step waste recycling.

A mechanical-biological waste shredding is usually performed when processing household or commercial waste similar to household waste. The goal of this treatment is to generate a landfill-suited waste material by separating waste fractions with a high calorific value, valuable resources as well as foreign objects.

We understand the tough requirements that the shredding technology of a mechanical-biological waste recycling system faces. With our newly engineered XR series we are able to offer the ideal product that meets these tough requirements for both low operating costs and high availability.

Regardless of whether your metal waste comes from the metal-processing industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, waste industry or commercial production, we will always offer you the right shredding system for recycling your valuable resources!

Metals are important raw materials for the industry and can be repeatedly returned to the recovered resource cycle with very little loss. The recycling of metals saves valuable raw materials and energy as opposed to the new processing of ores.   

Our sturdy rotary shears that have been tried and tested a thousand times over, reliably and efficiently shred light metals such as aluminium, magnesium, Al-Mg alloys, copper or nickel, as well as harder metals such as iron, zirconium, titanium and sheet steel.

Our customized solutions enable you to efficiently shred electronic scrap in your recycling facility and they align perfectly with your recycling system. The granulate size is adjusted such that metals and non-metals can be separated and recycled as best as possible.

More than 40 million tons of electrical and electronic scrap are generated annually – and the trend is growing dramatically! Recycling electronic devices is not just beneficial for environmental reasons. This scrap, as a rule, contains many precious metals that are recovered during the recycling process. To ensure a high yield during the recovery process, the shredding should generate only a very low amount of fine particles.

Our low-speed, 4-shaft shredders are particularly suited for this process. The low speed ensures that circuit boards and old devices are carefully shredded with low emissions. The recycled material is ideally suited for e-scrap recycling machines and subsequently for cutting facilities where precious metals are separated from their impurities.

As a renowned manufacturer of reliable plastics shredders, we offer special machines for in-house recycling and for heavily contaminated post-consumer waste.

Due to its format, components and characteristics, plastic is a very versatile material that is primarily used in industrial mass production. The resulting plastic waste can be recycled by shredding and washing the material, before generating a reusable, recycled granulate. Shredded plastic waste can also be used for energy generation.

Our reliable wood shredders ensure the production of a homogeneous granulate for your in-house wood chip furnace, biogas plant, biomass co-generation plant and also the production of wood briquettes. Regardless of how you are planning to use the wood chips, we will configure the wood shredder exactly according to your needs.

Shred wood economically

We offer you a large selection of wood shredders with various working widths, rotor diameters and drive capacities. The possible granulate sizes usually range from 12 to 80 mm. Regardless of whether you need a compact, small system or have specific needs, we will always find the right solution for you!

Capitalize on our reliability! We provide a 3 year carefree warranty on all our UNTHA wood shredders*!

*) or 2,000 hours, depending on which is reached first.

Our shredders reliably protect your sensitive and confidential data from the prying eyes of third parties. We guarantee a secure and uncompromised destruction of your data pursuant to the most recent DIN 66399 standard.

We offer customized shredding solutions depending on the required protection class, security level and type of data to be processed. Our robust 4-shaft shredders have been tested and proven over several decades and excel where other traditional shredding systems cannot.

The independent certification centre DEKRA confirmed in an expert report that our 4-shaft shredding machines easily meet the new security standard DIN 66399-2 (destruction systems for files and data carriers).

Our shredding systems generate granulate from the hardest rubber and old tyre applications for your recycling plant. Regardless of whether you want to use the granulate for pyrolysis, hydrolysis or combustion, we will customize it to exactly fit your needs.

Regardless of whether rubber accumulates in the form of tyres, conveyor belts, rubberised chains or as production waste, recycling is economically efficient and makes sense from an environmental perspective. Very powerful shredders are required to recover recyclable materials from rubber waste and old tyres. Our proven and reliable 4-shaft technology is particularly suited in this regard. This system economically performs the pre- and re-shredding in just one step.