Urban Sewage & Drainage System RC

Urban Sewage & Drainage System RC

The Urban Sewer & Drainage System Research Center was established to improve the service quality of sewers, maximumise performance, and minimise maintenance costs by providing effective sewer asset management, and safe and amenable sewers. The research centre has seven projects: development of an analysis system for sewer service; development of a laser profiling inspection system; a computerised technique of sewer registry; development of storage tank for CSOs control; optimum development of sustainable urban drainage systems; development of deposit control, material and renewal technologies in sewer systems; development of odour-control technology; and sewer policymaking.

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

  • Paradigm shift from quantitative growth to qualitative growth in sewer infrastructure
  • Needs of technology innovation about design, construction, maintenance for a safe and clean sewer infrastructure
  • Needs of economic and efficient management for condition assessment and asset management of sewer asset
  • Needs of long-term and deep basic research investment to transform the existing way
  • Needs of conception, planning, design technology for world leading concept
  • Sewer corporation is the stepping stone of key strategic industries
  • The results of USD-RC is able to be the basis of aggressive overseas expansion