US Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation

US Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation

U.S. Harvest Medical Technologies Corporation, doing business as U.S. Harvest Postal Protection Services Corp. intends to market proprietary enzyme technologies for use in the field of pharmacogenomics in the detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The company`s technology will help in detection of cancerous cells in blood. U.S. Harvest Medical Technologies Corporation was founded in 1996 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. We produce zeolite coated air filtration media designed to adsorb greenhouse gases such as CO2, Methane, Radon and HFCs. Our TiO2 coated electrostatic air filters are designed to trap viruses that cause MERS and PM 2.5. Our EMI shielded wall coverings prevent hacking!

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5900 Greenspring Avenue , Baltimore , Maryland 21209 USA
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Radiation Safety
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

While wireless communications devices are of great benefit, they also have become an intrusion of privacy and an annoyance. Although preliminary results are inconclusive, ongoing research suggests that frequencies generated by active wireless telecommunications devices such as cell phones, wireless computer systems, satellite phones, two-way pagers, radar and smart meters may pose a health risk to the general public, particularly young children. (Article: Heart Disease Caused by Radioactive Element)

The Office of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the United States recommends a policy of 'prudent avoidance' with respect to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Prudent avoidance means to measure fields, determine the sources, and act to reduce exposure, preferably with shielding.

We have developed technologies that utilize the principles of wave effects on the surface of coated moisture and high surface resistant, breathable recycled paper and fiberglass mat to adjuvant existing radio frequency (RF), microwave and radioactive isotope absorption. We honestly believe that our technologies will have a beneficial impact on public health and safety (see Climatology comments).

Our new, smart coated, advanced technical textile products are designed to literally absorb radioactive isotope particles such as those emitted from the Fukushima Nuclear Power facility in Japan and radio and microwaves such as those emitted from cell phones and other wireless devices and ubiquitous radon gas using Clinoptilolite Zeolites (natural minerals) for adsorption. Zeolites are currently being used in Japan with the ongoing nuclear reactor cleanup and have been used, in the past, as a food additive to protect the Citizens of Chernobyl, Russia from consumption of heavy metals and radiation poisoning (see article: Heart Disease Caused by Radioactive Elements). Our TiO2 coated HEPA air filtration products are designed to protect indoor air and capture anthropogenic PM 2.5 and CO2, reducing global warming. These specialized but easy to use interior decorations (wall coverings) and air filtration media are designed to make the environment in homes or offices essentially radio/particulate free and are available in America, Japan and soon throughout the world.  (UNPD Vendor #33387)

U.S. Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation D/B/A U.S. Harvest Energy & Technologies Corporation (U.S. HEAT)

While prospecting for uranium in Wyoming's Wind River Basin in 1978, a team of businessmen and a geologist/prospector discovered a large amount of uranium in Wyoming's mountainous region. Unable to sell the product to local utility companies, as a result of the accident at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, they decided to keep the product location a secret as it has remained to this day. 23 years later (after September 11, 2001), Bill Robinson, Jr., the last remnant of the original team decided to develop radiation protection technologies to protect postal workers, the mail and recipients of irradiated mail, thus creating the U.S. Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation.

U.S. Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation, doing business as U.S. Harvest Energy and Technologies Corporation and United States Ethane Gas Corporation, was incorporated in the State of Maryland on December 10, 2001 as a diversified technology management corporation. The Company is licensed as; a construction general contracting firm and specializes in the design and marketing of moisture, mold and mildew resistant and radiation absorbing paper and electromagnetic, radio and microwave frequency interference (EMI) [shielded] building materials e.g. polypropylene and glass fiber wall coverings and wall liners (RADIAB™ and RADIFLECT™) and fly ash enhanced high performance, high strength electrically conductive concrete (Cybercrete™) designed for distress signaling (warning) and prevention of radiation accumulation in-doors and to combat cyber eavesdropping (spying).

As electromagnetic radiation, particularly that at high frequencies (e.g. radio and microwaves, such as those emanating from cellular phones and smart meters) tend to interfere with electronics e.g. computers and can cause health concerns, EMI shielding of both electronics and radiation sources is needed and required by governments around the world. Our products are designed to protect building inhabitants by creating essentially radiation free environments.