US Hydro, Inc.

US Hydro, Inc.

US Hydro, Inc.

US Hydro specializes in pumped storage, small, micro and pico hydro power (50kW up to >5MWs). While our power plants are smaller than conventional plants, they bring the benefit of a much smaller environmental footprint in their build construction and an existing regulatory license (FERC). Our plants can be implemented in multiples along a river or stream depending upon whether we are implementing small hydro plants or imbedded micro plants.

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3982 North Point Road , Dundalk , MD 21222 USA
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Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)

We can create the normal impoundment, diversion and run of river designs whether using forbay style designs or penstock or modified penstock designs.  We work with dam and or reservoir style designs or more creative customized designs that help to create micro grid networks feeding into aggregators that could connect to normalized grid systems.

We can create unique designs based upon specialized flow characteristics and will manage a site if desired for the next 250 years (site lease).  This simplifies the process of training local personnel in the implementation, operation and maintenance of sites once the training methods are consistent because the managing company methods are consistent.

Conventional hydro power has made huge contributions to the U.S. energy landscape, and there are new and more advanced hydro power technologies that produce electricity in a variety of ways.  Presently, only 3 percent of the nation's 80,000 dams currently generate electricity.  US Hydro has the experience and knowledge to take advantage of the various hydro technologies and apply them to the most cost effective projects in the following categories:

  • PUMPED STORAGE - The most affordable, achievable means of storing electricity at scale, this technology uses electricity from the grid to move water uphill to a reservoir during times of low demand and electricity prices.  Then produces electricity from the 'stored' water running downhill through a hydro turbine during times of peak demand.
  • CONVENTIONAL - Allowing water to flow from a reservoir through a dam and turbine system, conventional hydro has been reliably generating electricity for decades - and is poised to expand through upgrades and capacity additions at existing facilities.
  • CONDUIT - This technology places turbines in existing water infrastructure like irrigation canals, and potable and non-potable water system pipes with minimal environmental impact to produce hydro power.
  • SMALL HYDRO - Developers and local communities in all regions of the country are re-examining existing dams and infrastructure to support small hydro installations.  Small hydro is an important component to expanding U.S. hydro capacity.