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  • Food and Beverages & Power and Heating Plants

  • USF  - Filter Systems

    USF - Filter Systems

    The USF filter systems function by means of cartridge filtration or on the basis of a multimedia filter, and purify up to several hundred cubic metres per hour, with potential filtration of up to 5 µm. They are controlled with the help of central control valves or – particularly in large systems – by means of PLC and single valve operation. For the piping materials, we rely on plastics (PVC, PP, PVDF) or...

  • Ultra Filtration Systems

    Ultra Filtration Systems

    Our ultra filtration systems ensure the perfect raw water supply for reverse osmosis. Water volumes from 0.5 m3/h up to several hundred cubic metres per hour are purified. The systems are always controlled via PLC through single valve operation. Operation functions entirely automatically with cyclical back-washing of the UF membranes with filtrated product water. Dosing pumps are optionally used for disinfection or for...

  • USF  - Softener Units

    USF - Softener Units

    The USF softener units purify both small volumes and several hundred cubic metres of water per hour. They are controlled by means of central control valves or – for large systems – through PLC and single valve operation. Small systems run in duplex mode, i.e. one softener vessel is in operation and a second is in standby mode. Parallel operation is used for larger systems: both vessels are in operation and are constantly...

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse osmosis systems from USF, which are also available as combination units with built-in softener units, process from 30 l/h up to several hundred cubic metres per hour. They are controlled either by microprocessors or through PLC. Remote maintenance is possible. We offer reverse osmosis systems for operation with softener units or for hardness stabilised feed water, or optionally also systems with the USF ConcRO concentration stage which...

  • Ultra Pure Water Systems

    Ultra Pure Water Systems

    Ultra-pure water systems from USF treat water from 30 l/h up to several hundred cubic metres per hour through a combination of reverse osmosis and continuous electro de-ionisation (EDI/CEDI). Continuous electro de-ionisation is a chemical-free water treatment process. Depending on the configuration and pre-treatment, product conductivities of 0.055 µS/cm (= 18.2 MΩcm) can be achieved. The systems are also...