Utile Engineering Co. Ltd.

Utile Engineering Co. Ltd.

Utile Engineering is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of air and gas compressors, vacuum pumps and gas boosters. Our strength lies in our ability to tailor gas boosters, air compressors, vacuum pumps or any other of our products to meet specific industrial requirements and to offer full turnkey packages, on-site installation and dedicated service/commissioning. Our manufacturing, fabrication, sales and services divisions are all based in the United Kingdom, employing a network of distributors globally.

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New Street, Irthlingborough , Northants , NN9 5UG United Kingdom

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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Utile also specialises in products for general industry, such as vacuum tankers, dairy vacuum pumps, de-watering to gas/air mixing systems for the Utilities. Utile has a product range including sliding vane (oil free and oil lubricated), centrifugal, diaphragm, and piston to satisfy all requirements.

With over 90 year’s experience, the Utile product range has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of industry.

  • Air/Gas Compressors
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Gas Boosters
  • Gas Mixing Systems and Biogas Plant
  • Gas Blowers

Our manufacturing, fabrication, sales and services divisions are all based in the United Kingdom, employing a network of distributors globally.

The History of The Utile Engineering Co.Ltd – Since 1910
Brothers Samuel and Sidney Poole set up in Irthlingborough in 1910 as General Engineers to local industry. In 1914 they amalgamated with an equally small company, changed the name to The Utile Engineering Co.Ltd., and moved to a new factory on our present main site. To augment their service work to local industry they developed a gas fired Forge/Furnace with the burner air provided by a hinged vane blower. A range of these Air Blowers was superseded in the late Twenties by the sliding vane design from which our high performance designs of air and gas compressors and Vacuum Pumps have been produced over the ensuing years. The 675 low pressure/high volume Turbo’s were introduced in the Sixties, later followed by the larger 700 and 876 centrifugal gas boosters.

Over recent years our product range has grown to meet the demands of industry at home and overseas. With environmental considerations and gas usage, developments over the last two decades have been in compressors for aggressive gas applications such as oilfield Vapour Recovery, Digester, Landfill and Biogas.

On a separate site we package gas booster and compressor sets to include pipework with mechanical and electrical protection to meet with customers specific requirements. In addition, site installation of our efficient mixing systems and associated gas collection pipework within sewage treatment plants, offers a comprehensive range to suit our customers requirements.