Utilis uses a patented algorithm derived from techniques used to search for water on Mars. The technique uses L-Band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, which is non-intrusive and requires no capital investment or device installation. Founded in 2013 by a scientist who was doing his master’s degree in atmospheric physics and dynamics, Lauren Guy was using the technology to detect water on the planet Mars when he realized his research could be applied to find water here on Earth. Leak detection technologies have not changed much in 80 years. They continue to be costly and somewhat ineffective as companies around the world struggle to find leaks, save scarce resources and money. Despite the waste of water, utilities many times can’t make widespread use of current leak detection technologies as they are not economically viable.

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Amal St. 13, Park Afeq, Building A, 1st floor , Rosh Ha’ayin , 4809249 Israel
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Leak Detection
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Globally (various continents)

First commercialized in 2016, as of the beginning of 2019 Utilis has performed over 200 projects worldwide in countries including the United States, Italy, UK, Chile, China and South Africa, identifying more than 5000 confirmed leaks. In 2018 alone, Utilis completed 100 projects and identified over 2800 confirmed leaks, saving more than 200 million gallons per day.

Utilis has grown to 30 employees in two offices, one office in Israel and the second in the United States (San Diego). With half the company made up of scientists, engineers, and experts in the geospatial sciences, Utilis invests heavily in research and development in order to continually improve current products and bring new, innovative products to the market.


To advance planet Earth’s resource resilience through SAR analytics