Utility Recyclers International

Utility Recyclers International

Utility Recyclers International is a joint venture company between Green-Port Environmental Managers Ltd. (GPE) and Manitoba Corporation (MC) that brings together a combined 110 years of recycling, refining and environmental solutions. Utility Recyclers International was formed to provide a quality service to collect, transport and fully recycle obsolete hydro meters, gas meters, water meters and parking meters generated as a result of the implementation of the Smart Energy Program now underway in the US and Canada.

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PO Box 382, 122 Central Avenue , Lancaster , New York 14086 USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We work with utilities, their consultants, the installers and the manufacturers of the SMART meters to ensure efficient delivery of our services and the packaging of the downstream obsolete metering units, whether it be electric, water, gas, parking meters, street lights (cobra heads), or transformer oil.

With the aim of first delivery, we have an innovative, and stream-lined collection system to deliver the hydro meters to our facility for recycling on a 1st delivery basis.


  • We recycle obsolete meters in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner
  • We have developed state of the art processing equipment to recycle high volumes of meters
  • After the glass and plastic faces are removed at our facility, all obsolete electric meter metal carcasses will be recycled domestically or internationally
  • The glass and plastics will be recycled for beneficial use with 'zero tolerance' for landfill
  • All cardboard from the meter boxes will be baled at our facility and recycled The stainless steel rings and collars will be recycled
  • The printed circuit boards will be recycled
  • All non-ferrous and ferrous metals will be refined as a value added service

Credits & Costs

  • We offer net credits after deducting our processing costs for the metal and plastic downstream product
  • We will offer additional services if required at competitive rates

Our Vision

  • To deliver efficient, innovative and sustainable environmental & recycling solutions now and in the future
  • To comply with and exceed all current environmental regulations
  • To provide a quality service with competitive pricing

Our Mission

  • To provide an effective and economically viable environmental and recycling service for our clients
  • To assess and remediate environmental issues in order to promote sustainable growth for our communities
  • To provide the best available training and a safe, friendly and inspiring work environment for our employees

The mission statement and the compilation of corporate values listed below are mutually shared both by GPE and MC and govern how we conduct business and these are fully transferable to the Joint Venture.


  • Our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors are our most valuable team assets
  • We encourage our employees to share their ideas, innovations, and expertise to grow and improve operations
  • We are committed to selecting the best employees to join our team and whose attitudes, vision and personal goals align with our own
  • We are motivated by building employee morale, through personal and corporate health, safety and well-being


  • Both joint venture companies have built their reputations being accountable for their words and actions
  • We conduct our business by maintaining the highest standards possible for respect, trust, fairness and sustainability


  • We believe that ingenuity and innovation are the cornerstone of a successful company in these challenging times
  • We encourage creativity and personal growth from our employees through incentive programs and public recognition.


  • Our professional expertise is in demand in the areas of recycling, environmental management and waste disposal
  • We strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence by continually promoting individual training and professional development


  • We support local community activities because we believe in giving back to those who we are privileged to serve
  • We consider it our social responsibility to help those who are less fortunate through corporate donations