V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH

V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH

V&F is the producer, developer and global provider of online-multicomponent-gasanalyzers. Our major businesses are in the fields of automotive, food, environmental and medical industries. V&F is building gas analyzers for customer needs. There is a continuous development of performance and stability. V&F is not only selling mass spectrometers, V&F provides a finished application. V&F is not putting a lot of power in expansion, instead all free manpower is used for research and development. It is V&F`s aim to help our clients to obtain results and solutions on which basis they can optimize their production processes, improve the quality of their products and minimize pollutants.

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Andreas Hofer Strasse 15 , Absam , A-6067 Austria
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

It is V&F's aim to help our clients to obtain results and solutions on which basis they can optimize their production processes, improve the quality of their products and minimize pollutants.

Our instruments for online gas analysis focus on industrial customers and their needs for flexible, robust, fast and sensitive measurements.

Our innovative measuring instruments for gas phase analysis are adapted to the requirements of our clients and supply the therefore necessary information.

Scientific work at several universities like Innsbruck (Austria), Boulder (USA), Southampton (UK), Paris (France), Greifswald (Germany), Trento (Italy) led to the development of instruments to simulate reactions of atoms and molecules in space (interstellar clouds).

These research works were the prerequisites for the Ion-Molecule Reaktion Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) which is the core technology used for most of the V&F Analyzers. Today IMR is one of the most sensitive techniques to detect impurities in gases.


V&F has been founded by  Johannes Villinger  (the 'V') and Werner Federer (the 'F'). Both are physicists from their background and V&F started as a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck.


The first analyzer developed by V&F was the CI-MS 500 model. This analyzer was introduced in 1986 and this was the beginning of serial production of mass spectrometers at V&F.


The company moved from Arzl to Absam, V&F got the award for start-up entrepreneurs and the new analyzer SIMS 500 controlled by SCP (a DOS programm) was introduced.

1988 was also the start of the development of automotive applications in collaboration with BMW in Munich (Germany).


The first resale agreement for V&F Analyzers was signed with PMS AB, a swedish company active in the field of analytical instruments. 

V&F got the Plansee award for developments in industrial and environmental fields.

The analyzer model CI-MS 1000 was released to the market.


IMR became the standard technology for engine and catalyst measurement. In the european and north american automobile industry V&F Analyzers were present in their R&D facilities.


V&F announced that V&F Analyzers have been selected as a world wide provider for refillable PET bottle inspection devices (RefPET-Sniffer) for The Coca Cola Company.


V&F moved to the actual registered business address and started the OEM bulk production of CANIS analyzers (refillable PET sniffers) for Soudronic, a former partner of V&F.


The start of the european project EUREKA led to a new instrument design. The first V&F analyzer under the Airsense label, called Airsense 500, was introduced.


New resale partners:

Project Automation, Italy

Arelco (now Tecora), France

Introduction of the CO2Sense - the first Ion-Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometer (IMR-MS) specially designed for the CO2 quality control. With only one single measurement system, various applications such as truck filling stations, online process control or certification of single bottles and storages tanks can be monitored either continuously or on demand. Minimizing any health risk caused by unknown contaminations or impurities of the product, food- and beverage industry take their responsibility of quality control of all incoming components into their production process.


V&F Instruments a V&F subsidiary was founded in the USA.

Introduction of the Twin MS (now called TwinSense) the first dual Ion-Molecule Reaction mass spectrometer in one single housing. The TwinSense dual mass spectrometer features a unique combination which has been specifically developed in order to measure pre- and post catalyst fast and simultaneously. Consequential developments within the range of analytical equipment offer room for improvements within processes and/or catalytic reactions which then lead towards state of the art engines and lowest possible emissions.


V&F medical development - a subsidiary of V&F - was founded to develop the business field of medical applications.

The demand for a new technology for fuel cell development led to the introduction of the AirsenseCompact (now called CombiSense). The first combination of an Ion-Molecule Reaction & Electron Impact - Mass Spectrometer in one single housing.


V&F extened their sales activities and started to enter the Asian market. V&F signed a resale agreement with Humac in Korea.

V&F redesigned the complete electronics and reprogrammed the control software using the Microsoft DotNet Framework. This led to the introduction of the brand new series of V&F instruments under the '.net'-label - beginning with the Airsense.net.


V&F released the TobaccoSense analyzer and developed an application for tobacco smoke and flavour analysis.

V&F has signed an OEM contract to produce PETSense for Krones AG in Germany.


V&F medical development tested successfully a medical application for perioperative breath analysis using an AirsenseCompact (now CombiSense) analyzer. 

V&F has signed resale agreements with the following companies:

Guyline, China

Control Sistem, Italy


V&F medical development tested successfully a medical application for breath analysis during endurance sports unsing an AirsenseCompact (now CombiSense) analyzer.


V&F introduced the Q7000 (now called EISense), a low cost electron impact mass spectrometer (EI-MS) for trace gas and process analysis. The EISense offers an extremely selective and rapid analysis for a multitude of process - gas components and doesn’t ask for much maintenance at the same time.


V&F continuously increases the network of resale partners all over the world and has signed resale agreements with the following companies:

Benelux Process, Belgium

Alpha MOS, France

The Science and Educational Co., Ltd., Thailand


V&F signs a resale agreement with Atlas Technology in Taiwan.


Resale agreement with our new partner - Shinhan technologies - in Korea established.


New resale partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Oxford Medical Diagnostics (OMD).

OEM Technologies is our new resale partner for V&F products in India.

Relaunch of the following V&F analyzers:


 CombiSenseTobaccoSense und PETSense.


New resale partner in South Africa (and neighboring countries):  Elemental Analytics (EA)

and Spain: TCA Técnicas de Control y Análisis, S.A.

Introduction of a brand new product: GasOxidizer


New resale partner for Malaysia ans Singapore: Orbiting Scientific & Technology Sdn Bhd.

Introduction of the redeveloped  CombiSense model 2013.


New distributor for the industrial gases field in Italy:
Pentatec Srl.

New distributor in China for the following industries: automotive, gases, biomass and coal gasification, ship and aircraft:

Introduction of the V&F analyzer MotoSense and LubeSense.


New distributor in the Middle East:
Orbitus Arabia.

Introduction of the CO2 Quality Analysis System - a complete turnkey solution for the CO2 production process.
Allows to analyse the final CO2 product gas and the raw- and process gas.


New distributor in Korea for the semiconductor and the display industry:

Neotop Co Ltd.