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  • Coating HVAC Systems

    Vac Systems International gives you everything you need to repair damaged insulation and to refurbish HVAC systems that have been contaminated by fire, water and mold. Coatings (Tough Coat, Safe Encasement, Design Polymerics). Spraying Systems (Super Cart Spray Systems, Super Trac Robotic Systems). Education (Introduction to coating/sealing HVAC systems guide). Expand your business, better serve your existing customer and bring in new customers by offering  HVAC system coating services

  • Tough Coat - All Purpose HVAC System Coating

    Tough Coat - All Purpose HVAC System Coating

    More profits, less work, and virtually no smell with Tough Coat All Purpose HVAC System Coating. Safe Encasement Specialty Coating and IMCOA Closed Cell Insulation offer additional solutions. Coatings and closed cell insulation play an important part in today’s air duct cleaning market place. They give you “proven solutions” that will help you solve the challenges you face and help you to better serve your customers. Choose the new...

  • Super Cart - Spray Systems

    Super Cart - Spray Systems

    The cost to clean and coat HVAC system ductwork is typical 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacing the ductwork so it represents a real money saving option for building owners.  Applying coating and sanitizer in HVAC systems is a great opportunity to better serve your customers and add another profit producing service to your company.  Using a Super Cart Systems will drastically improve your spraying productivity compared to cutting access openings...