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  • Inspection & Robotic System

    Help sell your air duct cleaning services by showing your clients the before cleaning conditions of their HVAC system. After you have cleaned their air ducts show your client what a good job you did! This is a great way to get more referrals and grow your business!. Vac System International offers you two great inspection choices; the Super Inspector Manual  Inspection System (for residential and light commercial projects) or the Super Trac Robotic System (for commercial projects). Each

  • Super Inspector - Model V - Visual Inspection System

    Super Inspector - Model V - Visual Inspection System

    The improved Super Inspector now has over twice the lighting capability so you can see more and sell more!  You get excellent image with the new higher quality color camera, dual bright light LED lamps, and large color monitor.  You can position the camera where you need it with the camera cart, shaft bracket, extension rods and 50’ cable.  You can record and edit your video (on your laptop computer) with the built in microphone,...