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  • Business and Risk Management

  • Vantage - Facility and Asset Management Software

    Vantage - Facility and Asset Management Software

    Facility and asset management and maintenance is essential to the smooth daily operations of a range of businesses and organisations, for example, a corporate company, a health and care provider, a local authority, or a charity/non-profit. This is where asset management software comes in!

  • Vantage - Contract Management Software

    Vantage - Contract Management Software

    Implement and improve contract management procedures quickly and efficiently with Vantage’s contract management software module. With our software, all your organisation’s various contracts will be accessible from a single system, giving you an overview of contract activities without having to laboriously search for and compile the relevant data. You can easily remain on top of...

  • Vantage - Health and Safety Software

    Vantage - Health and Safety Software

    Health and safety management is a challenge that any organisation or business faces in their daily operations. Using a professionally developed health and safety software system ensures the recording, retrieval, and investigation of health and safety data is done fully and efficiently, saving you time on administration and helping you improve on risk management and compliance.

  • Vantage - Risk Management Software

    Vantage - Risk Management Software

    Vantage Technologies are a UK market leader in risk management software; our risk management system is used in a variety of sectors, including health and care, charities, corporate, local councils, police, education (schools and universities), and other organisations with an interest in community safety, safeguarding, and effective risk management.

  • Vantage - Risk Assessment Software

    Vantage - Risk Assessment Software

    Risk assessment forms one of the key procedural aspects required by all organisations: effective risk management for all members of staff. In practice, however, it can be time-consuming to document and disseminate risk assessment information across an organisation. Vantage Technologies have developed our streamlined risk assessment software module to tackle this issue, offering an efficient...