Variable Frequency Drive is a motor control device that protects and controls the speed of AC induction motors to save energies, a VFD can control the speed of the motor during the start and stop cycle, as well as throughout the run cycle. - Specialize in manufacturing wide ranges VFDs with up-to-date technologies.

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What is VFD?
VFD is shorted for Variable Frequency Drive (also known as AC Drives and frequency converters) -- that's used to adjust the speed (among other parameters) of an AC motor. This is definition used in all topical discussion on this web site. A VFD system generally consists of an AC motor, a controller, and an operator interface.

VFD for AC motors have been the innovation that has brought the use of AC motors back into prominence. The AC-induction motor can have its speed changed by changing the frequency of the voltage used to power it. This means that if the voltage applied to an AC motor is 60 Hz (used in countries like US), the motor will run at its rated speed. If the frequency is increased above 60 Hz, the motor will run faster than its rated speed, and if the frequency of the supply voltage is less than 60 Hz, the motor will run slower than its rated speed. The VFD is the electronic controller specifically designed to change the frequency of voltage supplied to the motor.