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Variperm (Canada) Limited

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  • Sand Controllers

  • Horizontal Sand Screens

    Horizontal Sand Screens

    Variperm is the leading provider of custom, well-specific horizontal sand filtration screens for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and other geographical areas of Canada. Third party testing of both flow modeling and installation load envelopes have anchored the Variperm wire wrap screen as the go-to choice for SAGD liners. As of the beginning of 2014, 500,000 metres of Variperm SAGD wire wrap...

  • Conventional Sand Screens

    Conventional Sand Screens

    In addition to our premier SAGD horizontal screen technology, Variperm provides superior, custom filtration screens for conventional, or vertical, drilling wells. We specialize in the geological formations of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, but have the knowledge and expertise required to engineer and design custom solutions for any complex geological area. Upon receipt of a soil sample, we will customize an exact slot size liner based on the...

  • High Rate Water Well Screens

    High Rate Water Well Screens

    All SAGD oil sands projects require the production from high rate water source wells. This water is converted to steam used for the steam injection well drilled above the producing well. Variperm is an industry leader in the design and completion of these high rate source wells when it comes to designing your sand control. Variperm’s sand control technologies help avoid complications at your well site over the full lifecycle of the well,...

  • Domestic Well Sand Screens

    Domestic Well Sand Screens

    Along with water well screens for SAGD and conventional production, Variperm has adapted its premium sand filter technology to bridge the gap between the oil & gas and domestic water well markets. We have taken our extensive experience in the oil & gas industry and the geological foundations of Canada and extended our products and services into the Western Canadian ground water market. Variperm’s wire wrap water well screens keep the...