Vazzoler s.r.l.

Vazzoler s.r.l.

Vazzoler s.r.l.

Thanks to professional competence and experience of the owner Mr. Vincenzo Vazzoler and his father Eng. Enzo Vazzoler together with the technical department’s know-how, the Company Vazzoler s.r.l. plans and designs electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets that meet customers requirements. The company exports the magnetic equipments all over the world. The technical department, the italian and foreign sales department, the service and spare parts departments remain at complete disposal for any needs. The factory is equipped with advanced machineries that allow the manufacturing of electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets with weight up to 30 tons and electrical power up to 70 Kw.

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Via San Gervasio, 15 , Cigole (Brescia) , 25020 Italy
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

Vazzoler s.r.l, established by Mr. Vincenzo Vazzoler in the 1998, arises from a wide experience in the sector of the electromagnets and of the electro-permanents, handed down from two generations in more than 45 years.

The technical know-how, that we have acquired together with the constant research of innovative solutions, allow us to design and manufacture different typologies of magnetic equipments for the lifting, deferrization and separation of metals, meeting the most different requirements of the international markets of steel, coal and of the material recycling.

Our Company, located in Cigole, Province of Brescia, operates all over the world and, thanks also to the recent expansion of the production, is able to manufacture magnetic equipments with an electric power up to 90 Kw.

Designing and production

Vazzoler s.r.l. has its own internal designing office with prepared and experienced technicians, its own office for the quality control, which verifies if the raw materials and the components coming from the suppliers conform to what they have ordered, and working in strict synergy with the production staff, certifies that every processing and assembling phase inside our factory is carried out complying with the project. Furthermore we have our own testing office to test dimensionally, electrically and magnetically all our produced magnetic equipments before shipment.

Service and maintenance

Vazzoler s.r.l. has its own internal after-sale service office with technicians, who are able to respond in real time to any request, problem or advice of their International customers.

Our Company performs also maintenance service, repair and replacements of parts on its own equipments and as well as on equipments of other manufatcurers.