Vecoplan AG

Vecoplan AG

Vecoplan AG is an industrial pioneer in the development of shredding and recycling technologies for the plastics, wood, paper and waste industries.The design of Vecoplan shredders and related products, particularly the single-shaft shredder, is extremely unique in its universal capability to process a wide range of different waste materials. As such, many different types of companies rely on Vecoplan for their primary and auxiliary shredding and processing machinery. Plastic applications, such as reduction of large extruder purgings, processing entire batches of reject molded parts, shredding extrusion, thermoforming, injection and blow molding trim and flash, plastic film bales, bales of PET bottles, carpet waste, synthetic textile fiber waste, etc. are all processed by the same basic shredder and grinder designs used to process wood scraps, trim blocks, edge rippings, pallets, board scrap, etc.

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49 2661 6267 0 , Bad Marienberg , D-56470 56470 Germany
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US

Long before the importance of recycling took root in our collective consciousness, Irene Scheidweiler, Hans-Josef Leukel and Jürgen Musche recognised how important efficient reprocessing of valuable materials would be for the future. In 1969, they took a bold and far-sighted business decision, and founded VECOPLAN. Thus a pioneering company was born – today a subsidiary of M.A.X. Automation AG in Düsseldorf – whose undiminished innovative strength has made it a worldwide market leader in the international raw materials and recyclables industry.

Innovation means progress. Customer requirements are steadily growing and the technical demands are becoming increasingly complex. We focus our activities and all of our energy on research and development. In the interests of our customers, we strive to find the right solution for each application and project.
This approach has a proven track record; our innovative solutions for processing wood and waste material make a significant contribution towards protecting the environment . We have become a market leader in this field due to the strong demand for our products worldwide. Our commitment to environmental protection springs from a deeply held conviction. So we consider it our duty to put everything into the continuous development of innovative concepts and effective solutions – for the most demanding assignments. We owe this success to the exceptional engineering expertise and motivation of our employees.
A large number of patents are tangible evidence what we have achieved together. We have established a strong reputation with the innovations developed for our customers over the years and are a reliable partner when it comes to developing customised solutions, from planning through to implementation.

Our key competencies in the field of shredders:

  • Shredding unit
  • Wear technology
  • Drive concepts

Our key competencies in the field of plant engineering:

  • Conveying systems
  • Screening and conveying systems
  • Project planning (planning and implementation according to customer specification)

Innovative technology is our trademark.

Our customers are convinced: innovations by VECOPLAN have received worldwide recognition. Our engineers and designers continuously develop concepts and effective solutions for the most challenging customer requirements and assignments. Another focal point is customising products within the parameters of specific projects. Precisely and reliably, on time and on budget.

Examples of our engineering developments:

  • The combined loading and unloading conveyor for bulk materials storage facilities revolutionised the handling of comminuted recyclables and alternative fuels. This system can be moved and lowered within storage facilities and provides a particularly economic and reliable solution, not least because all the mechanical components are easily accessible.
  • Ever since its market launch in 1984, the VAZ single-shaft shredder has been continuously developed and enhanced. Its high throughput capacity, low energy and wearing part requirements and ease of maintenance make this an exceptionally economical machine with a flexibility that makes it suitable for virtually any market sector. The low rotor speed enables the VAZ to handle materials containing foreign objects with ease.
  • Expansion of the range of vibration and drag chain conveyors for our chippers.
  • VVZ introduced for use in mechanical biological waste treatment (1999). Well-known in the wood sector, the double-shaft shredder was further developed for shredding residual waste (e.g. domestic and commercial waste), enabling it to handle tramp material easily at a high throughput rate but with low energy consumption and reduced wearing parts requirement.
  • A new re-shredder was developed for generating a high calorific alternative fuel (RDF) from manufacturing waste and sorted elements. Our customers benefit from its high throughput capacity, low energy comsumption, reduced wearing parts requirement and easy maintenance (2009).

Exciting insights into our research activities. Pay us a visit!

Our Technical Centre offers customers a unique opportunity to find out more about our research activities.
In Bad Marienberg, our company headquarters, we demonstrate how professional handling and processing of waste and recyclables works under realistic conditions. But that's not all: As a customer you can also be present at the series of trials carried out specifically to find the optimum solution for your project, and see for yourself our engineering expertise in the research, development, planning and assembly of high-performance turnkey recycling plants. What's more, our Technical Centre provides the ideal environment for an in-depth and market-oriented consultation, also allowing us to demonstrate the minimised maintenance requirement and exemplary cost-efficiency of our machines. An additional plus point is that it only takes a matter of hours to reconfigure the machines in the Technical Centre according to customer specification.

Our commitment pays off.

Numerous patents provide tangible evidence of our exceptional expertise in this field.

A few examples:

  • Centrifugal wedge system
  • Universal cutting system (U-rotor)
  • Other optimisations: Tramp metal protection device ('flipper'), the film and fibre rotor as a cutting system for synthetic fibres and tear-resistant films, the high-performance shredder, VVZ.
  • Patenting of the HiTorc drive with optimised efficiency in combination with the single- and double-shaft shredders.

Innovations by VECOPLAN redefine the market time and again. We are able to do this thanks to the high expectations of our customers, who constantly present our highly qualified staff with new challenges. The opportunity of successfully mastering these challenges together with our customers is a source of pride and inspiraton . Our engineers and designers continuously develop innovative concepts and effective solutions for even the most difficult problems which our customers bring to the table: precisely and reliably, on time and on budget.