Vendrame s.r.l.

Vendrame s.r.l.

Vendrame Ltd is a young and dynamic company, specialized in the production of tank trailer and equipment for suction and transport of special and hazardous waste, as well as the cleaning of industrial plants, sewers and sewer systems. Vendrame now design, manufacture and sale of agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment for the transport of various materials such as sewage (animal or human), solid waste (dust and ashes), liquids (such as water, diesel, agricultural or industrial process waste, used oils) and equipment for high-pressure cleaning of industrial plants and sewage networks. These tools can be applied to any type of truck or trailer, in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our equipment is used all over the world, and are appreciated for product quality, reliability, performance, durability and versatility.

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Via Nerbon 4 , Silea (TV) , 31057 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Hazardous Waste
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Founded in 1963 by Giovanni Vendrame as a mechanical workshop for the construction, repair and trade of agricultural and industrial machinery, the company Vendrame has evolved over the years (partly as a result of the entry of new generation of owners, Enrico and Francesco Vendrame) adapting the business to the latest market requirements. Today, the company continues with the work and commitment of a group of specialists, workers and technicians, which are a good team, ready to meet the new challenges that the global market holds.

The commitment of Vendrame is constantly aimed at achieving the highest quality of products provided, with special attention to the customer that involves the entire manufacturing process, from conceptual design to product realization. Every product, before being delivered to the customer, is subjected to a thorough operational and functional testing. The quality with which Vendrame designs and manufactures its products is guaranteed by the most authoritative certificates issued by authorities.

The experience of Vendrame in the various areas in which directs our work (agricultural, industrial, civil, transport) allows us to make every product combining cutting-edge technology, maximum reliability of our suppliers and high professionalism of our employees.

The production of Vendrame consisting in the manufacturing of:

  • Equipment intended for ecology suction and transport of special and hazardous waste, such as sewer cleaners (also ADR rules compliant), equipment on trailers, semi-trailers and demountable tanks.
  • Tank trailers for slurry spreading in agricultural use.
  • Equipment for sewage suction and cleaning with high pressure water, to be used for emptying and cleaning of wells or holding tanks in industrial companies (railway stations, ports and airports, furnaces, foundries and electroplating, etc.) and for the cleaning of chemical toilets.
  • Tank or trailer for hydroseeding (sowing of grass with water on vertical type ditches, embankments or noise barriers), equipment for fish farming (aquaculture).
  • Components, Accessories and Equipments for sewage suction and jet cleaning.

The Vendrame began its activities in 1963, and its steady growth over the years and the confidence gained from customers, are a recognition of the dedicated to continuous product improvement and development of a lasting relationship with all those who interact with us.

Vendrame constantly investing many resources in research and development, so as to have obtained official recognition for innovations adopted.

The high versatility of our products allows you to meet the needs of each client, which can easily interact both in design and in the production area. The comprehensive advice we can offer, continues over time, even after the introduction of the product on the market, through continuous support of our staff or local technicians.