Veolia Water Technologies Techno Center Netherlands B.V. - MPP Systems

Veolia Water Technologies Techno Center Netherlands B.V. - MPP Systems

MPP Systems is a business activity specialized in developing, marketing, manufacturing and servicing water purification systems based on Macro Porous Polymers (MPP). The Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) system is highly effective, fully automated, remote controlled and guaranteed technology for removing dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water by means of extraction in an MPP bed. The TiPSS technology is the classic and most economical technology for removal of dispersed oil & suspended solids with high separation efficiencies.

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Celsiustraat 34 , Ede , 6716 BZ Netherlands
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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MPP Systems is specialized in developing, marketing, manufacturing and servicing waste water treatment systems and applies the unique patented MPPE technology based on Macro Porous Polymers (MPP) for removing hydrocarbons (Aliphatics, Aromatics, Polyaromatics, halogenated, e.g. chlorinated, bromated) from water and TiPSS technology (Tilted Plated Separation Systems) for (pre)treatment of oily waste water.

Learn more about TiPSS 

  • The MPPE and TiPPS technologies are applied in a wide range of markets. The focus of both technologies lies within the Oil & Gas Industry with regards to the process requirements and applied standards.
  • In groundwater remediation MPPE has unique capabilities to remove halogenated hydrocarbons, (poly) aromatic and aliphatic compounds.
  • The TiPPS technology has major references in treating run-off water from airports & tanker terminals, chemical & Steel industry

Removal bij solvent or surfactant enhanced acquifer remediation (SEAR)
  • Surfactant or alcohol injection enhances the dissolution of chlorinated hydrocarbons, PAHs, DNAPLs and LNAPLs in water from a few ppm to 10,000 - 50,000 ppm
  • Organics recovered in two weeks equaled eight years of normal pump and treat
  • MPPE proven as the ideal separation technology for these extremely high concentrations in surfactants/alcohol water mixtures
  • Surfactant/solvent consumption savings as MPPE enables recirculation and recovery
DNAPL/LNAPL projects were MPPE was applied in
  • Jacksonville (Florida USA) Alcohol injection
  • Alameda (California USA) Surfactant injection
  • Tampa (Florida USA) Alcohol injection
  • Schkopau (Germany) Surfactant injection
  • Leipzig (Germany) Surfactant injection
  • Castrop Rauxel (Germany) Surfactant injection


People are our most important asset and their diversity in culture, experience and skills is the key to our success.

MPP Systems is part of Veolia the world leader in environmental services. With operations on every continent and more than 187,000 employees, we provide customized solutions to meet the needs of municipal and Industrial customers in three complementary business activities:

  • Water management and technologies
  • Environmental services (collection, management,treatment and recycling of waste)
  • Energy management


Proceed within one week

Basic information required:

  • Based on some basic information we can give you a price indication
  • Basic information required:
  1. Inlet composition
  2. Outlet composition
  3. Flow rate
  4. Non/availability of steam

If further information is required laboratory and/or field test can be carried out


Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests can be carried out with samples from water to be treated.

  • Target compounds to be removed

Based on laboratory tests the suitability of MPPE can be concluded as well as sizes and cost estimations for given flowrates and separation performances required.

  • Possible effects of other constituents (water environment)

Quite often clients have perceived dangers for non performance due to other constituents in the water. Many tests have been carried out for evaluating these possible effects.


Field test on site onshore and offshore

Full evaluation of the MPPE technology under real-life circumstances is possible with our mobile MPPE units.

  • Plug and play (electricity and inlet water)
  • Fully automated
  • Remote controlled by internet
  • Obtained data representative for scale up
  • 24/7 operation (one week can be sufficient)
  • Various flows, waterstreams, compositions can be tested.
  • Including preparation, start up, training and reporting


Ongoing performance Guarantee for the whole operational lifetime of the MPPE unit

The delivery of the MPPE unit goes with an ongoing Performance Guarantee with related Services (PGS).

This Performance Guarantee & related Service (PGS) package includes the use and periodical exchange of the MPPE material and separation performance guarantee for the operational life of the MPPE unit with supporting services (e.g. 25-50 years).

The MPPE technology is applied in water streams where toxic constituents are present. Therefore the main applications are in

  • Offshore Gas/condensate/(F)LNG produced water
  • Shale oil/ shale gas produced water
  • Industrial waste and process water
  • Groundwater Remediation

Basically the MPPE technology removes the toxic content of the water streams and creates a discharge that is Zero Harmful to the environment.

In Onshore (waste-, process-, groundwater) and near shore applications very often additional BOD/COD requirements limits are required by local legislation. In such situations the MPPE technology is combined with a tailor made bio treatment to achieve the total BOD/COD discharge requirements at most competitive costs.

Where ever possible we aim at combining both, waste- and groundwater treatment in one MPPE unit. In real life the toxic hydrocarbons that are present in the waste water are very often also present in the groundwater due to historical spills. In this way the investment into one MPPE unit can be optimized.