Verde LLC delivers a reputable and highly efficient world accepted renewable energy product line. With the best rates and a highly trained staff, we guarantee to meet your needs and work with you to obtain your project goals.

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6 Brooks Drive , Braintree , Massachusetts 02184 USA

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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VERDE LLC is a subsidiary of parent company Angstrom Advanced Inc. For the past half decade, Angstrom Advanced has pushed the boundaries of innovation in optical scientific instrumentation and high purity gas generation. Customers of top government organizations, research, and private institutions stand by our products because of their reliability and low operating costs. Now, we have identified a unique opportunity to bring our detailed engineering knowledge to the field in order to promote another blossoming industry: renewable energy. The Verde LLC product line features top quality manufacturers of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen generators to provide the end consumer with the optimal sustainable energy infrastructure at minimal lifetime cost. What makes Verde LLC’s hydrogen generating technology so unique is its ability to run on wind or solar power.  This patented technology allows for the recovery of about 50% of wind or solar power that is normally 100% wasted.  This boost in efficiency is unprecedented, and will result in long-term savings on fuel costs, adding up to significant sums of money that can be used to better the company.  Additionally, Verde provides excellent customer service and is always ready to help.  Verde will guide you through your project and tailor a system to fit your needs and budget.  Call us for a quote on any of our systems today.  Go Green!  Choose Verde LLC!

Our goal is to use the resources available to us to create a network in which distributors can easily communicate and do business with industrial leaders across the globe. We use our existing connections and relations in order to better the industry, and move towards a cleaner and more effecient future. Through this initiative, we wish to incorporate our gas generation technology into both existing systems and future projects, resulting in increased efficiency, sustainability, and profitability for both our clients, and our distributors.