Verisae delivers a powerful suite of web-based process management solutions for facilities, the assets in those facilities, the energy those assets consume, the carbon emissions they emit, and the people who manage & maintain them. Verisae`s software and services can provide a full suite of site, asset, procurement, enterprise energy management, and maintenance functionality. We can also easily integrate with your existing enterprise management applications and data sources. The Verisae solution is the first web-enabled site and asset management software created to meet the unique needs of multi-site owners. We offer a powerful suite of web-based process management solutions for facilities, the assets in those facilities, and the people who manage them. We built our solution with one goal in mind: to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, lowering operating costs of your sites and the equipment and energy within them.

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Verisae's proven Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform improves operational efficiency, makes sustainability initiatives actionable, and reduces energy costs and emissions for distributed enterprises. We deliver a broad range of sustainability solutions to OVER 40 GLOBAL CUSTOMERS with a service network of 7,500+ THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS consisting of 60,000 SYSTEM USERS. Our integrated platform actively tracks over 2.1 MILLION MANAGED ASSETS across 20,000 SITES. We help measure, manage and monetize energy costs and carbon emissions. We are uniquely position to help organizations prove return on investment (ROI) sustainability initiatives.

Verisae’s vision is to enhance the operational and financial performance of the distributed enterprise by delivering software and services that enable the organization to actively manage and reduce costs related to facilities and the assets within them. We do this through an integrated IT platform that seamlessly enables large, dispersed enterprises to manage and take proactive measures to improve operating efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Verisae’s Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform encompasses the core functions of sustainability requirements by combining multiple business processes and systems into one database that is used across the organization. These modules help our customers manage and optimize facilities, the assets in those facilities, the energy those assets consume, the carbon emissions they emit, and the people who manage and maintain them.

There are three key drivers that are impacting businesses across industries:

Rising Energy Costs

  • Multiple market and regulatory forces are dramatically increasing the cost of energy, which is expected to continue to increase over the next 10 years;
  • Demand for electricity is projected to grow by 19% over the next 10 years while capacity grows only 6%;
  • $10 trillion of investment in generation and transmission will be required to meet demand over the next 25 years;
  • Increased building and equipment efficiency is currently the lowest cost/ highest return energy expense reduction strategy available (McKinsey & Co.);
  • There is a strong correlation between improved asset maintenance and reduced energy costs.

The continuing growth in energy costs and the value of reducing those costs through better maintenance and optimized operations, increased efficiencies of energy usage, demand management and real time pricing responses will create significant strategic advantages for progressive organizations in the near future.

Environmental Compliance and Business Uncertainty

  • There is an existing global and growing United States (US) consensus that fugitive emissions from refrigerant and other Greenhouse Gases (GHG) pose a significant threat to the earth's climate due to increasing carbon dioxide levels;
  • There is US and European (EU) consensus on the need to reduce the damage caused by GHG with Greenhouse Warming Potential (GWP), including Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS);
    Current laws and regulations in the US and EU require measuring, monitoring, and managing the use of these gases;
  • The disposal of waste is becoming increasingly regulated across organizations and governing bodies;
  • Enforcement activity in the form of fines and negative publicity has increased significantly, and is likely to increase further as tracking and reporting of emissions becomes more commonplace.

The need to measure, monitor and manage the use of GHGs from manufacture through use, reuse and destruction will grow significantly over the next five years across multiple geographic and vertical markets. Verisae is positioned with the solution sets and industry-leading experts to help global organizations not only learn of the business challenges they face, but also to provide software and services to establish early advantages for customers who turn to actionable sustainability services. 3. The Emerging Carbon Market

  • There are significant voluntary and regulatory efforts to establish carbon (CO2) emission baselines and monitor the reduction of those emissions;
  • There is a rapidly growing EU market and an emerging US market for emission reduction credits. It is highly likely this market will include both mandatory and voluntary reductions and credits;
  • There is a corresponding and rapidly growing need to verify emission reductions over the 21-year life of the carbon credit;
  • Under a cap and trade or carbon tax scenario, organizations will be required to document additionality as well as to measure, monitor, manage and verify emission reductions;
  • In 2006 California enacted Assembly Bill 32 (AB 32), requiring emission reductions;
  • Many businesses and municipal entities are investing in solutions to comply with AB 32;
  • It is widely anticipated there will be federal legislation passed in 2010 that will mandate the tracking and reporting of carbon emissions across an entire organization.

Verisae is uniquely positioned to offer solutions and to play an important role in measuring, monitoring, managing and verifying carbon credits in this rapidly emerging carbon market. As described previously, the largest negative cost opportunity in reducing carbon emissions exists in the area of building and equipment efficiencies.

Verisae's software and services can provide a full suite of site, asset, procurement, enterprise energy management, and maintenance functionality. We can also easily integrate with your existing enterprise management applications and data sources.

Combining information in multi-site facilities to review asset procurement, maintenance on those assets, energy consumption of the assets and the entire building, and developing and lowering the carbon footprint of the enterprise defines Verisae’s goal. By combining a robust site and equipment asset database, call center dispatching, and work order automation, Verisae has built an integrated, retail-focused, Service Process Network. This network links customer sites with the teams that monitor their performance and keep them maintained. The Verisae solution delivers cost savings whether the customer maintains their sites with in-house maintenance, outsourced maintenance, or a combination of the two.

Given the heightened priority of corporate sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction, Verisae is positioned right now to enable organizations to establish a carbon footprint baseline, outline energy management options, and provide a comprehensive CRC Reporting plan in a manner of months. All of which can be implemented with metrics in place to highlight bottom-line cost savings and return on investment time lines.

The Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) Platform Includes

Energy Management Solutions

  • Energy Supply Manager
  • Energy Demand Manager

Environmental Management Solutions

  • Carbon Emissions Manager
  • Refrigerants & Fugitive Emissions Manager

Asset Management Solutions

  • Asset Manager
  • Procurement Manager

For the first time, organizations can see the operational status of the equipment in their stores on a real-time basis. By eliminating paper based processes, teams initiate and manage every step of the maintenance process faster and more accurately. Best of all, each member of the service chain gains great value and payback through the use of the system.

The Verisae software products are sold and delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. We combine software, implementation, and infrastructure, along with service and support to create solutions that can be rapidly implemented for our clients. Being SaaS, Verisae hosts, manages, and provides access via a secure connection over the Internet to our applications at our facilities rather than our customer’s.

Verisae delivers a suite of Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) services. SRP covers the core functions of sustainability needs by combining multiple business processes and systems into one database to use across the enterprise. These modules help to manage and optimize facilities, the assets in those facilities, the energy those assets consume, the carbon emissions they emit, and the people who manage and maintain them. SRP is delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model and provides real-time information.

Technical Approach – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided by Verisae to customers across the Internet. By eliminating the need to install and run the application on your own computers, SaaS alleviates your burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.

One of the values of SaaS delivery is that our customers gain access to our applications with minimum up-front investments in application licenses, equipment, people, and other development resources. Another advantage of the SaaS delivery is that as we improve the product, we provide perpetual maintenance and the latest enhancements to the applications. With the traditional software model, very often application cycles are short and by the time companies get their systems implemented and tested, the next release is already on the horizon.

Using SaaS can reduce the up-front expense of software purchases. Verisae hosts the application on our own web server, or this function may be handled by a third-party application service provider (ASP). This way, you reduce your investment on expensive IT hardware and maintenance costs.

Verisae’s roots come from retail owners’ desire to understand what equipment they own and the cost to purchase, maintain and operate it. Our founder, Dan Johnson, is the founder and CEO of Dane Technologies, the largest supplier of shopping cart retrieval systems in the world.

Several years ago, Dan Johnson started hearing a common question from his QuicKART™ clients. “Can you tell me how many of your QuicKARTs we own, where they are, and what it cost to maintain them?” It surprised Dan that the Dane customers did not have readily available records of the things they bought and owned. He “went shopping” for a software package that he could use at Dane to provide this service to clients, but came up empty handed. There just was nothing available that focused on the multi-site retail customer’s asset issues.

To solve the problem, Dan solicited help from one of the top Oracle™ integrators in the U.S. to develop a solution. It was not long before Dan and his team realized that it was not just QuicKARTs that needed tracking. The result was an online centralized database for assets and maintenance information that has evolved into a complete solution for multi-site retailers. The Verisae business was created as a separate entity to help retailers with these and other challenges.

Today, Verisae is the leading provider of maintenance, environmental, energy, and procurement solutions to retailers across North America, Europe, and Asia. We deliver a Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform consisting of web-enabled enterprise management solutions for facilities, the assets in those facilities, the people who manage, maintain, and optimize them, the energy those assets consume, and the carbon emissions they create.

We support an integrated suite of management products that enable the distributed enterprise, external service providers, and a network of third party consultants to make sustainability – actionable.

Our Values - Four core values serve as the cornerstone of Verisae. These guiding principles provide the compass to guide us as we strive to achieve our vision.

Serving Our Clients - We will work to maximize our client’s profits with Verisae software productivity tools. Serving our customers enhances our ability to help others.

Serving Our Team and Their Families - We will provide our team members with the opportunity to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in an environment based on mutual respect and accountability. We will have fun working together with our customers and each other.

Serving Our Community - We will share our time, energy, and a generous portion of our success with our neighbors. Verisae will annually contribute a portion of our time and financial resources to our community.

Practicing Stewardship - We will operate our company in a manner that respects and trust the resources entrusted to us. Our paperless solutions help reduce paper waste and increase the effectiveness of our customers.

Shifting to Sustainable Business Operations

The growing focus on energy management, environmental compliance, and carbon reduction can be broadly summarized as a macro-economic “shift to sustainability.” Each of the three trends offers distinct risks and significant opportunities for organizations that embrace the change and begin moving their organizations.

Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) supports the primary functions of corporate sustainability. Verisae built the sustainability platform with specific goals in mind.

  • To reduce the total cost of ownership for assets across a distributed enterprise.
  • To increase control of energy consuming assets and equipment globally.
  • To bring visibility to the everyday processes hidden in business silos.
  • To effectively measure, monitor, and manage enterprise carbon emissions.

By combining multiple business processes and systems into a central database running on a flexible workflow engine, Verisae is defining the methods, models, and tactics to definition and to control the sustainable enterprise. Organizations must be empowered to make corporate sustainability actionable.

Organizations must be empowered to make “sustainability actionable” with initiatives covering asset utilization, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions management in a localized facility or across a global enterprise. To do this, decisions makers need to be tapped into the source data within their organizations across a number of key categories.

Verisae’s strategic direction is to retain laser focus on sustainability with concerted efforts revolving around; energy, carbon, operations, water, and waste management products & services.