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  • Distributed Enterprises

    Verisae offers an innovative approach to business sustainability. At our core, we manage enterprise data to a precise level of detail by asset and site that can be aggregated at a global corporate level. We understand the needs of large, disperse organizations that strive for data-driven decisions to once hidden business processes. Our Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform enables the connections and empowers a level of collaboration not yet experienced by many organizations.

  • Reputation & Brand Management

    Reputation & Brand Management

    Bring Higher Confidence in Carbon Data Quality. Verisae enables organizations to protect their brand and to been seen in the eyes of consumers, investors, and partners as true leaders in the movement to a low carbon economy. We help distributed enterprises bring corporate sustainability to the core of day to day operations.

  • Return on Investment

    Return on Investment

    Reducing the Cost of Carbon Measurement, Reporting, and Reduction. National and international carbon emissions regulations will increasingly add to the financial risk profiles for organizations with high carbon exposure. To enhance transparency and increase the ability to direct organizational change, Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) tools must become part of daily operations.

  • Regulatory Uncertainty

    Regulatory Uncertainty

    Managing to a Changing Landscape. Climate change, energy efficiency programs, and carbon emissions reporting all lead to a critical need to strengthen risk management across an organization. Mandatory reporting due to government regulations, public commitments documented in Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR), and the price being placed on carbon emissions require enterprise risk management strategies.

  • Integrated Technology Platform

    Integrated Technology Platform

    Software as a Service (SaaS) Products Reduce Complexity. With different Greenhouse Gas (GHG) compliance regulations being developed simultaneously in numerous countries, distributed organizations must have an Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) software platform that can scale globally. The pace and scope of climate-related legislation that will become law in the coming years is only ever-increasing.

  • Visibility Into Everyday Operations

    Visibility Into Everyday Operations

    Making necessary Connections inside & outside your enterprise. Few distributed organizations have the people, resources, and operational processes in place to implement an enterprise-wide carbon emissions management strategy. The challenges of organizational boundary definition, determining materiality of carbon emissions across distributed locations, and capturing actionable intelligence all stress operations management.

  • Consultants & Contractors

    Verisae is at the forefront with a suite of sustainability products that can provide the core function of sustainability for an enterprise. These products enable maximum efficiency in the area of energy use, operations and carbon management. Third-party consultants may interact with the customer systems through specific role-based access, allowing consultants to capture the relevant information and compile reports according to the specific requirements for each customer.

  • Carbon Accountants

    Carbon Accountants

    The position of carbon accountant may be a relatively new one, but there will be increased demand for verifiable and accurate carbon emissions reports based on an organization's total greenhouse gas (GHG) responsibility. Carbon baselines and related emissions reports will be required both the entire enterprise as a whole and for each of the large variety of individual organizational boundaries or individual assets within its control. Traditional...

  • Environmental Consultants

    Environmental Consultants

    As environmental consultants help to ensure that distributed enterprises are compliant with a multitude of different environmental standards. Their everyday tasks rely very heavily on the generation and analysis of relevant data to produce reports that are audited against environmental laws. Often an environmental consultant is directly employed by a major organization to ensure compliance and fend off any potential compliance related fines or penalties.

  • Carbon Regulators & Verifiers

    Carbon Regulators & Verifiers

    As organizations refine their roles to include a broad goal of carbon reduction and increased corporate sustainability, so a process of data interpretation and reporting becomes increasingly important. Pending (and in some cases existing) legislation will determine that an organization needs to accurately assess the size of its carbon footprint and take proactive steps to reduce it.

  • Smart Grid Participants

    Verisae powers the integrated smart grid platform with automated demand response for utility companies and regional transmission operators (RTOs) who are working to offer a variety of energy efficiency programs.

  • Energy Customers

    Energy Customers

    Customers are facing new challenges when it comes to managing energy expenditures, which is typically their second highest operational cost. It will be difficult to visualize fluctuating energy prices on a national basis and correctly incorporating operational changes in response to these prices. How will a customer with multiple sites participate & automate these demand response programs? How will they gain access to utility rebates & incentives...

  • Environmental Management

    Sustainable environmental management is not only concerned with supply chain resource or carbon emissions management. It also addresses the wider issues of sustainable planning and design, waste reduction and water management. These facets of business operations are all inputs into an organization’s environmental impact.

  • Carbon Emissions Manager

    Carbon Emissions Manager

    Reasons to Consider Carbon Emissions ManagerVerisae’s Carbon Emissions Manager has proven to help industry leaders like Ahold, Wake fern and Fresh & Easy manage and report a complex set of data across thousands of facilities, while also enabling them to drive value through cost savings, risk reduction, and brand leadership.

  • Refrigerant & Fugitive Emissions Manager

    Refrigerant & Fugitive Emissions Manager

    Reasons to Consider Refrigerant Gas ManagerRefrigerant Manager helps you understand and manage the use of refrigerant gases across a thousands of systems. You avoid compliance issues, reduce regulatory risk and eliminate related refrigerant costs. A deep understanding and a reduction in leakage rates results in measurable financial savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

  • Energy Management

    Verisae’s energy management solutions provide distributed enterprises with a comprehensive view of their entire energy portfolio across all facilities, with data that can be linked to specific assets at each facility and delivered to energy managers anywhere in the world. Site data can be aggregated to provide an organization with the information needed to create a comprehensive energy management strategy.

  • Utility Bill Processing

    Utility Bill Processing

    Verisae’s Utility Bill Processing solution offers specific capabilities and benefits that will greatly impact your efforts to reduce the administrative and operating costs of paying your utility bills and improve efficiencies in your utility management and sustainability programs. Our utility bill processing service is an automated and streamlined payment service that features a web-based utility bill analysis, reporting and tracking solution designed to...

  • Asset Management

    Verisae delivers a powerful set of process automation products that help your organization manage internal and external service provider networks and reduce administrative costs associated with asset maintenance and repairs. Our software captures service data currently lost in paper-based work flow processes, and provides our customers with asset-specific total cost of ownership that can be analyzed at a global corporate level.

  • Procurement Manager

    Procurement Manager

    Reasons to Consider Procurement Manager Verisae’s Procurement Manager helps you to come up with accurate and dependable information to ensure that procurement procedures run smoothly and efficiently. Capital purchase decisions are increasingly difficult to justify in a tight economy and the entire process needs to be handled effectively and on time in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Services

  • Alarms Management HelpDesk Services

    Alarms Management HelpDesk Services

    Keep your sites operating safely and efficiently. Your organization may have to manage a vast number of alarms generated by your facilities. Whether you can’t get to them all or you’re not receiving “value for money”, something has to change. When combined with vx Observe, this managed service creates the ideal blend between automation and the human touch to keep your sites operating safely and efficiently.