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  • Chemical & Workplace Safety Services

    In this era of increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny, effectively managing chemical and workplace safety has never been more challenging. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, industrial hygiene, legal, safety and other teams are struggling with complex and continually changing regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, an increasing number of language and format requirements for documentation and lack of access to updated data when and where they need it. By leverag

  • 3E - SDS & Chemical Management Services

    3E - SDS & Chemical Management Services

    SDS and chemical management has evolved from a tedious exercise in pushing paper to an integral part of a company's overall EHS strategy, impacting a broad range of compliance activities. Data management and integration are the keys in leveraging this repository of essential information to achieve multiple compliance requirements, including employee safety and right-to-know regulations. Verisk 3E's award winning solutions lead the industry.

  • Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services

    Improper handling of hazardous materials can result in adverse effects to human and animal health as well as the environment. Failure to respond quickly to an unintended incident can turn a small incident into a larger one, increasing the impact of the event on the environment - not to mention the risk of a violation if not handled properly. Providing employees with immediate, round-the-clock access to skilled professionals can significantly improve...

  • Regulatory Disclosures, Permits & Reports Services

    Regulatory Disclosures, Permits & Reports Services

    Companies face growing pressure to limit fines, reduce costs and manage the ever-changing web of local, state and country regulations. For companies with multiple facilities, limited or decentralized EHS staff, managing disclosures, permits and regulatory reports can be overwhelming. Verisk 3E's regulatory specialists can assume this burden. Their breadth of experience, regulatory expertise and relationships help provide accurate and timely completion...

  • Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    Safer Chemical Analytics Services

    With increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to identify risk and replace harmful chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, there is a growing need for chemical risk assessment and management as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Verisk 3E's Safer Chemical Analytics solutions leverage our scientific expertise and regulatory knowledge base to provide in depth analysis of your product portfolio.