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Vertisa Environmental Technologies develops complete sterilisation related solutions for hospitals, laboratories, research centres and medical industries in general. We are a full service company providing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries such as infectious medical waste treatment, aerospace composites, glass lamination, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating and many other applications.

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Ogretmenler Cad. No 1/1 Cukurambar , Çankaya / Ankara , 06610 06610 Turkey

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Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste
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Globally (various continents)


Vertisa Environmental Technologies is a young and dynamic company which has been formed with individuals who have vast experience in the Medical Waste sterilization business. Vertisa?s aim is to become one of the preferred suppliers in the Medical Waste industry. Our target clients are Government Institutions as well as private groups.

Our company develops complete sterilization related solutions for hospitals, laboratories, research centres and medical industies in general. We are a full service company providing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries such as infectious medical waste treatment, aerospace composites, glass lamination, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating and many other applications.

Vertisa Environmental Technologies is a global provider to the hospital sector, offering solutions for all hospital departments: sterilization centres, surgical areas, Medical sterilization area. We provide equipment that is adapted to the specific needs of laboratories and industry and that could only be developed by a sterilization expert.

In addition, all of our customers can rely on the support of our own technical service, in a modern, technical projects office, as well as the training and advice necessary to ensure the correct operation of the equipment.

Our company operates under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality certifcated standards, and our products are produced according to European Union MDD (93/42/EEC) and PED (97/23/EEC) directives.

At Vertisa, we are passionate about viewing these challenging wastes as a resource while ensuring the waste sterilization process is as efficient and sustainable as possible. We continually invest in an on-going Research and Development programme, to extend the areas of application for our sterilization technology and to ensure our customers are able to extract the maximum value from their sterilization process whilst contributing to their environmental targets.

We support our customers through the complete cradle to grave lifecycle management of the waste sterilization plant, from the initial testing of the material at Vertisa?s test facility, the most comprehensive in Turkey, through design and supply to the physical on-site installation of a full commercial plant and subsequent technical and managerial support and service.

Our Products -
Promed Medical Waste Sterilization Systems / Vertisa Medical Waste Sterilization Company
Our brand PROMED is the most widely used solution in Turkey and Europe for the sterilization and decreasing of volume of waste originating from public health.

PROMED is the most innovative model in the field of 'medical waste disposal' and has been designed by Research and Development department engineers using our vast experience in this field.

Mission Statement
Vertisa ?s vision is to provide innovative solutions to waste management in Europe and the Middle -East. We will continually strive to achieve one hundred percent compliance with environmental regulations. We wish to form long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We undertake to continually improve the medical waste industry in Turrkey and other countries that we may operate in the future.

Our Goals
To be the leaders in medical waste industry ine Europe and the Middle ?East. To grow the industry in each of the major countries by providing medical waste sterilization systems. To provide an environment for our staff to become self empowered. To provide training programs to our clients to enhance the industry and safe handling of medical waste. To continually look for improvements in product design and implementation of our products.

Definition of problem
The toxic health waste is a mass of contaminated waste which may contain syringes, needles, paper, plastics, glass or textiles. The anatomical waste should be treated seperatley by burning or incineration. Health waste resulting from nursing activity should be handled specificaly. The collection must be carried-out in separate containers, the contents must be neutralized safely on the hospital premises or must be sent to neutralizing plant outside the hospital.

Our solution
Before transporting the waste to public landfill sites, the waste must be sterilized and the syringes destroyed. The essence of our solution is that the contaminated waste is sterilized in our Clave equipment. The contaminated waste is lifted to the upper part of the autoclave into a very hard and resistant grinding machine. The waste including the unwanted parts are crushed and discharged into the lower part of the autoclave. Then adding steam and increasing pressure (3,8 bars) the temperature is increased to 138 C. The operation is fully automatic and the cycle lasts for 40 - 60 minutes.The final result is a crushed mass ( sterilization safety 6log10), which now may be treated as public waste. The volume decreases by 80% of the original waste volume. This is why we say that our method is secure and economic.

The equipment may be used safely, special trained personnel are not required, 6 Hour peronell training is enough. All in all the operation is fully automatic and is equipped with such safety systems, that eliminates all manual operation, like the autoclave maybe openned only if the temperature and pressure is normal, or the cycle can not be started untill proper closing of lid, and the waste can only be discharged after last phase of sterilizing cycle is over. The equipment does not require maintenance, apart from usuall lubricating and the cleaning of grinding claws when neccessary.

Technology of grinding
The main part of the system is the grinding unit. The experts dealing with contaminated waste are quite aware, that one of the most difficult problem is the grinding of unwanted articles, like screw-drivers or similar articles which are capable of ruining the grinding mechanism. Also is known the problem of jammed machine due to melted plastic. The mechanism of grinding claws, which has revers rotat,ng , eliminates these problems. Every two minutes the rotation changes. The parts of the grinding machine are made of the hardest metal presently known.

  • Vertisa Environmental Technologies is the managing company of Erzurum Medical Waste Sterilization Center
  • At our center in Erzurum we are collecting, transporting, sterilizing and disposing safely all the medical waste produced in the regions of Erzurum, Erzincan, Muş, Bingöl, Ardahan, Bayburt, Kars and Tunceli that consist of a population of more than 1 million.