VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

VeruTEK is a chemical company that develops innovative, high-performing products for the Environmental and Oil & Gas Industries. VeruTEK specializes in plant-based chemistry to deliver advanced solutions that destroy environmental contaminants in place, increase oil well production and break difficult oil/water emulsions.

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177 Governor’s Hwy, , South Windsor, , CT 06074 USA
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Site Remediation
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Globally (various continents)

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VeruTEK’s environmental remediation technologies utilize a unique surfactant enhanced oxidation platform to efficiently break down organic contamination so it can be removed or destroyed in place.  The technology may be customized to site conditions and applied around or underneath buildings and structures. VeruTEK’s approach is particularly well suited to cleaning up brownfield sites to enable them to return to productive use.   The Company works with environmental consulting firms, government agencies, and large corporations such as manufacturers, chemical companies, and railroads to implement site specific remedies that are environmentally safe and non-intrusive within the community.

In 2011 VeruTEK  applied years of experience developing plant based chemicals for extracting  heavy oils, tars and creosotes in the environmental applications to address Oil & Gas production challenges.  VeruTEK Enhanced Oil Recovery products address  well completion,  wellbore and nearfield damage removal, waterflood, and advanced stimulation through jetting and fracturing.  The company’s innovative blends can be applied to wide range of formation types to achieve production increases averaging 20-50% and in some cases providing increases over 200%.  

VeruTEK’s product development effort in both the Environmental and Oil & Gas fields has led to an advanced understanding of oil/water mixtures and their interaction with plant based surfactants.  The AFX series of demulsifiers have broken emulsions that could not be separated by completing products and achieved faster oil/water separation at lower temperatures.  These products have been applied to crude oil production as well as used oil recycling.

The Company will continue to leverage its Green Chemistry expertise and partnerships through further joint research with leading academic and governmental research institutions to provide the most advanced solutions to the Environmental and Energy Industries.