Vest Safety Medical Services

Vest Safety Offers Online Respirator Instant Clearances that can speed up your health and safety solutions and make your company more profitable. From The individual oil and gas company to national safety resellers, we can service you and become your logistical back end.

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2306 Blodgett St. Unit 1 , Houston , Texas 77004 USA

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Service provider
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Health and Safety
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Nationally (across the country)


Electronic Records, Built to Use
Vest's custom-made ePCR is tailored specifically to the needs of medical personnel in the field. Filling out a patient care report is a breeze with our guided setup and real-time progress bars. And like our Respirator Clearance program, compliance is guaranteed.


Hand-Picked Personnel
Our physicians directly oversee the selection and evaluation of every person we place in the field. With Vest, the field personnel have a direct relationship to the physician.


Custom-Tailored Direction
Your company and work environment are unique. We will evaluate your needs and provide a set of medical guidelines to ensure a prompt, safe outcome for any medical concern.


Stock Only What You Need
Equipment and supply requirements are specific to each set of medical guidelines. These are tailored to meet the size and scope of each project and are then delivered to the worksite.