VG Engineering

VG Engineering

VG Engineering

VG Engineering provides practical and cost-effective solutions for noise, vibration and flow problems. We tackle complicated problems by taking the entire system into consideration and exploiting advanced computer simulations, engineering methodologies and measurement technologies. Our engineers have profound theoretical backgrounds as well as extensive practical engineering and field experience.

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2680 Matheson Blvd. East, Unit #102 , Mississauga , Ontario L4W 0A5 Canada
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Noise and Vibration
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

VG Engineering can help you with:

  • Designing special silencing or vibration isolation system for extreme conditions with high pressure, high temperature, high flow velocity, high dust load and/or highly-corrosive flow media
  • Engineering and designing of your equipment or facility – whether brand new or as renovation/modification – whether mechanical, structural or civil engineering are involved
  • Specifying and recommending noise and vibration control products for your ventilation system or processes based on our noise and vibration analyses
  • Troubleshooting equipment noise and vibration problems in your facility
  • Developing quieter products for your company
  • Reducing pressure drops (saving energy and/or increasing flow capacity) in your flow systems
  • Solving flow-induced noise, vibration and erosion problems
  • Measuring, testing and evaluating noise and vibration levels of your equipment
  • Applying for Certificate of Approval from Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment (Air and Noise)
  • Carrying out noise assessments for your plans and developments
  • Preparing and developing specifications for your projects

Power Generation:

  • FD fan and ID fan noise control;
  • Gas turbine engine intake and exhaust noise control;
  • Intake and exhaust duct system design.


  • Jet  engine test cell intake and exhaust noise control;
  • Intake and exhaust flow simulation and design;
  • Engine test cell equipment engineering and design.

Oil and Gas: 

  • Compressor station noise;
  • Gas vent noise;
  • Refinery facility noise;
  • Flow induced vibration of piping system.


  • Automotive wind tunnel noise control;
  • Automotive acoustics.


  • Tunnel ventilation system noise and flow control;
  • Jet fan noise control.


  • Ventilation and process system noise and flow control.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction:

  • Building acoustics, ventilation system noise and vibration control;
  • Certificate of Approval applications.