VibrAlign Inc.

VibrAlign Inc.

Since 1983 precision has been our passion. At VibrAlign we believe that precision laser alignment, regularly performed, can realign America and help our country become more productive and successful. Behind everything we do is an unwavering commitment to always do the right thing and provide each customer with a remarkable client experience.

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530-G Southlake Blvd. , Richmond , Virginia 23236 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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VibrAlign wants to Realign America.

  • One pump, one compressor, one turbine at a time…
  • One mechanic, one millwright, one engineer at a time…
  • One machine, one plant, one corporation at a time…
  • Everything we do is about improving the way our customers align machinery.

Shaft Alignment Solutions Since 1983
VibrAlign is committed to growth, both in its laser shaft alignment business and in its people.

Founded in 1983, VibrAlign provides value-added, easy to use shaft alignment systems and vibration solutions. We offer field services, training and a range of laser alignment tools backed by superior customer service.

We are proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Fixturlaser alignment systems, including the Fixturlaser XA and Fixturlaser GO series. Our line of highly accurate and easy-to-use alignment tools also includes the Shaft Hog and the Belt Hog sheave alignment tool.

VibrAlign personnel are located in key cities throughout the U.S, with experienced service providers on-call. Whatever alignment or vibration problems you face, VibrAlign can help!

In life, there are no shortcuts. When it comes to alignment, every piece of the process must be perfect. At VibrAlign, precision is our passion. Since 1983, we have been a leading supplier of alignment equipment and innovators in alignment processes. We develop alignment courses and deliver professional alignment training. As the USA’s exclusive distributor for Fixturlaser®, we bring world-class shaft alignment products to a broad variety of companies across the country. Fixturlaser’s products include the market’s only touch screen shaft alignment tool with 3D animation for faster and easier alignments. Pairing our alignment expertise with Fixturlaser’s world-class technology, we are truly the people to ask about machinery alignment.

If your industry is powered by people and running on machines, we can help you make your hardest alignment tasks easy to accomplish. Our application knowledge is unrivaled. Our training approach is complete and effective. Our calibrations are accurate and quick. We stand ready to do right even in tough situations. We partner with people at every level of an organization: designing strategies with top executives, implementing process improvements with engineers, and making field alignments with mechanics. We are about improving your alignment efficiency and reducing human toil. So, whether you descend to the basement of a pulp mill or climb to the top of a wind turbine, navigating the ladder will be more challenging than performing the alignment.

VibrAlign’s chief source of pride, however, goes beyond the superlative caliber of our products and the vast advantages of our pioneered procedures. Our team of experts strives to maintain perfect alignment with our company’s chief core value – integrity. VibrAlign’s team is comprised of the most talented and honest professionals who are dedicated to seeing our clients succeed. Our community of partners can always trust that our company will do the right thing no matter how difficult it might be to accomplish. We know there are no shortcuts in life but we are confident there is always a way to succeed by working with honor and accuracy, particularly in the business of alignment.