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VideoRay LLC

VideoRay is a global leader in Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) technology. Established in 1999, VideoRay has worked with technology and mission partners throughout the world to develop and prove the small ROV tool for a wide range of applications. With units delivered to a wide range of organizations for a wide range of missions, hundreds of VideoRays work every day throughout the world underwater keeping us free from terrorism, finding and retrieving objects, inspecting infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keeping divers safe from hazardous conditions. We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art customer support and easily operated and maintained underwater robotic systems.

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212 East High Street , Pottstown , PA 19464 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Since the first systems were delivered, users have tried VideoRays in increasingly challenging situations and environments. Today, VideoRays can be found on every continent, and owners have learned to trust them to perform in a growing number of industries.  VideoRay has established itself as the worldwide leader in observation class ROVs. Underwater accessory manufacturers now develop their sensors around the size and payload capacity of VideoRays. When you purchase a VideoRay Professional ROV system, you have the choice of the best sonars, positioning systems, metal thickness gauges, cathodic protection, water quality and radiation measuring devices, and many other underwater tools and sensors.

VideoRay is founded.


VideoRay Pro - Weighing at 8 pounds with a depth rating of 152 meters (500 feet).

VideoRay Pro II - Increased thrust by 80%, new lighting and an upgraded camera enhanced hydrodynamic performance and lowered power consumption.

VideoRay Pro 3 - Introduced control through a laptop PC as a new alternative to the original panel and opened new possibilities for gathering and analyzing data. The Pro 3 also featured upgraded lighting, camera and thrusters, as well as optional capabilities that could be added on through the 9-pin accessory plug.

VideoRay Deep Blue - Up to 305 m (1,000 feet), featuring a SeaSprite scanning sonar from Tritech and 335 m (1,100 feet) of tether.

VideoRay Pro 3 GTO (Greater Thrust Option) - Added larger, more powerful thrusters to the original Pro 3 ROV, increasing the VideoRay's potential speeds from 2.6 knots to 4.1 knots and giving it more stability in water currents.

VideoRay Pro 4 - Deeper depth rating, hydrodynamic improvements, and significant improvements to camera and ballast adjustment. Completely computer driven by a sleek, intuitive, and powerful new software platform called VideoRay Cockpit, the Pro 4 is more advanced than anything else offered in its class, more than twice the vertical thrust of the Pro 3, 50% greater horizontal thruster, and a depth rating of 305 m (1,000 feet).

VideoRay CoPilot by Seebyte - Offers autonomous control capabilities for MicroROVs for the first time. This revolutionary upgrade simplifies and enhances the VideoRay user experience by allowing full automation on a level not available anywhere else in the Inspection Class ROV market. CoPilot provides effortless and automatic navigation to underwater locations all while following a pre-defined mission regardless of changing currents and rough sea conditions.
VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender - A concept which utilizes a system of interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. This topology provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions.

VideoRay Mission Specialist Pro 5 - The Pro 5 configuration builds on the capabilities of the Pro 4 while adding the modularity, control, and power of VideoRay's new MSS technology. The MSS Pro 5 is a 3-thruster system with a forward speed of over 4.4 knots.

VideoRay has assembled a sprawling global network of over 40 Dealers and Partners fully capable of providing the highest quality sales, support, and service.  These companies represent the finest products in underwater technology around the globe with unparalleled knowledge and professionalism.  Please click on your region and let us know a bit about your needs so we can quickly and accurately assign the closest and most relevant VideoRay representative.