Vidisy is innovative supplier of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. Unlike to other companies, beside traditional methods of analysis we provide detailed analysis of signals that allows to detect faults on early stages of their initiation and provides complete information about a place and a reason of fault.

Company details

109 Zelena st. , Lviv , 79049 Ukraine

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

We can provide measurement of:

  • Acceleration

  • Velocity

  • Displacement

Our team of scientists have been working for last 20 years on fails detection issue to help companies and factories to predicts and prevent unexpected stoping of production because of defects in mechanisms that are working 24/7.


Our Passion

Detection of defects at early stages of their intiation without stoping production.

Our Vision

Continuous condition monitoring of rotating machinery.

Our Mission

Provide service that helps to prevent unplanned stops of production at factories.

Our Values

Vidisy main values are:

  • Customer Focus

  • Absolute Integrity

  • Full confidence

  • Responsibilities

Our Services

  • Urgent diagnostics
  • Regular diagnostics
  • Partial integration of the system
  • Complete integration of the system