Viridus, Inc.

Viridus, Inc.

Viridus, Inc.

Our focus is environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our mission is to help members achieve better results for themselves, their company and the environment.Big change, real change, usually starts with a small idea. Over time, the idea spreads and change occurs. But with climate change, and the resulting impact on business, we don`t have the luxury of time. We need a better, faster way. Welcome to Viridus, where everyday ideas from everyday people are making a big impact every day. How? We called it the Viridus effect. A good environmental idea created by one business person, improved through discussion, adopted and applied at thousands of organizations. A good example is the newly ubiquitous recommendation on the bottom of emails reminding people to `think about the environment before printing this email`

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15 Woodbury Street , Arlington , Massachusetts 02476 USA
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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)
less than $1,000,000 US

So why now? The public, suppliers, customers, regulators, shareholder and other stakeholders are demanding that companies become more environmentally responsible. People like you feel the urgency to make a difference. You realize that environmental responsibility is no longer someone else's job. It's everyone's job. It's your job.

Because everyone now has a 'green collar job', Viridus helps you do your job. Discuss real world issues through online forums. Ask questions. Seek advice. Share experience and wisdom. Find peers with similar roles, issues and interests. Build your network. Find out more at how it works.

Members are exclusively business professionals with a responsibility for environmental issues and sustainability. All content and conversations comes from members — people like you — which keeps it focused on practical, everyday issues.

Everyone has a green collar job. Join today for a better world, a better company, and a better you.