Visible Emissions Solutions

Visible Emissions Solutions is the world leader in Digital Opacity Camera Technology for US EPA Method 9, Alternative Method 082 and US EPA Method 22. Using Digital Camera technology, Visible Emissions Solutions can certify all of your field technician to be able to perform VEO`s without the hassle of smoke school certification.

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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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The history of visible emissions opacity using digital camera technology

The DOCS II SaaS project was initiated by the Department of Defense in 2003, with a goal of reducing the $15 million per year the DoD spends certifying human Method 9 observers to observe sources regulated with opacity limits. In 2006, Virtual Technologies LLC was contracted to test and validate the DOCS II SaaS prototype system. Upon completion of the validation tests the USAF decided that the DOCS II SaaS system required a technology refresh and business process improvement. Virtual Technology LLC, working with multiple state inspectors, defined the user experience required to gain acceptance from visible emission observers. 

VTLLC completely reengineered the DOCS and released DOCS II SaaS in 2008. DOCS II SaaS is a familiar, easy to use program that reduces the time required for a Method 9 observation. 

Acceptance of DOCS II SaaS required two non-technical components: 

  1. A consensus standard that would allow the EPA and States to adopt DOCS II SaaS for visible emission observations. 
  2. DOCS II SaaS would have to be embraced by the existing smoke school infrastructure, to facilitate training, and distribution.

The ASTM standards committee D22 Air Quality, created ASTM D7520-09 'Standard Test Method to Determine the Opacity of a Plume in the Outdoor Ambient Atmosphere using a Digital Camera Technique'. ASTM D7520-09 was approved by ASTM, at the October 2009 semi-annual committee week. ASTM D7520-09, is a performance standard dictating the certification requirements for opacity measurement using digital cameras. DOCS II SaaS performed the D7520-09 certification process in 2009.