Vista Data Vision is a leading software in the field of monitoring, publishing and managing all sensor data. All data is stored in a database and accessible through the web. VDV offers storage of data, visualization by graphs, real-time monitoring and data tables, multiple alarm triggers, creation of calculated sensors, fast processing, configurable security access levels, automatic reports and comprehensive web service for projects of any size. Vista Data Vision is a software solution developed by Vista Engineering. It all started back in 1991 when we started developing in-house solution for our projects to analyse and manage project data. Today VDV is used in 6 continents by professionals that rely on our software for the instrumentation data.

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Lynghals 9 , Reykjavik , IS-110 Iceland

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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Vista Engineering, founded in 1984, specializes in industrial electrical - and control systems, as well as instrumentation and data logging systems.

From the very first day, we have developed our own software solutions, mostly as nothing else was available. As operation of data logging systems has always been important to us, software for automatic data retrieval, storage and visualization was developed already in 1990. This was done in order to reduce the workload associated with daily routines of data handling. As years has passed, we have concentrated on database storage and data visualization applications.  These software solutions have matured and are now among the best in the world. Vista Engineering has operated in all corners of USA and implemented its software solutions into oil, energy, environmental and educational businesses.

Today, the Vista Data Vision applications are offered as off-the-shelf product and are widely accepted among professionals in the data logging and data handling industry.

If you collect data using Data Loggers, then use our proven VDV Data Base application for Data Management, Visualization, Analyzing, Alarming, Reporting and Web Access.

VDV is perfect for Data Monitoring Operators. VDV has built-in web service for all its operations, including comprehensive access control, alarm handling with automatic sending of alarm messages and acknowledge via web interface, overview of alarms on web page, manual input of data, input of maintenance information via web interface, and much more. You may run all your complex Data Monitoring operations and Real-Time service on VDV.

Our clients are monitoring:

Whatever field you are in, VDV is can handle all your logged data.  Vista Data Vision is used in many different fields, here are some examples:

Weather Monitoring
Geotechnical Monitoring
Wind Farms
Building Efficiency Systems
Waste Water Pump Stations
Agricultural Systems
Environmental Monitoring
Hydrological Services
Ground Water
Road Weather
Ski Area Weather
Geothermal Monitoring
and many more

Data on the Web?

If you want to publish all your data on the web, then Vista Data Vision has everything you need.  Publish your logged data to the internet, including a powerful Access Control, Real Time Displays, Information Pages, Notes, advanced built-in Reports and more.