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  • VDV - Alarm Toolkit

    VDV - Alarm Toolkit

    Alarms are a very powerful feature that will simplify the operation of a network of dataloggers and ease the workload of the operators.

  • VDV - Report Toolkit

    VDV - Report Toolkit

    VDV Reports are flexible and you will be able to create a format that suits your needs. The Report Toolkit allows users to create Report summaries.  Select variables to include in the Report and which summary action to perform (average, max, min, sum).  The Reports can be generated as a delimited text file document or as a Microsoft Word document.

  • VDV - Validation Toolkit

    VDV - Validation Toolkit

    Validation is used to automatically or manually repair the data in the database according to user defined boundaries. The user can define a maximum and minimum value, which if exceeded the validation toolkit will change the value to a last known good value.

  • VDV - Displacement Graph Toolkit

    VDV - Displacement Graph Toolkit

    Displacement Graph is for plotting data from Displacement Sensors at various depth. As displacement is usually slow going, the Displacement Graph plots data from selected sensors at certain time intevals. Because of this, slow going displacement movements becomes visible.

  • VDV - Google Maps Toolkit

    VDV - Google Maps Toolkit

    VDV Gmap toolkit allows users to publish their data onto Google Map.  This feature gives the data accurate geographical position.  Users can see latest values, view a historical data as Graphs and save data as a text file.

  • VDV - File Converter

    VDV - File Converter

    The VDV File Converter opens doors to import data from almost any source storing data in delimited text file.  This includes data from most data logging systems, data from spreadsheet origin and data found in manually maintained data sheets.  The VDV File Converter also supports data forwarded from remote dataloggers via FTP transmissions.