Vortex De-pollution (USA) LLC

Vortex De-pollution (USA) LLC

Vortex De-pollution and Recycling Equipment is a manufacturer of vehicle recycling equipment for the scrap and vehicle salvage industry, manufacturing in Colorado USA and Nottingham UK. Vortex also offer a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal and waste processing equipment, making us a complete supply resource for the recycling industry throughout the world. The Vortex De-pollution systems are designed to suit every type of automobile fluid draining requirement from high throughput metal recycling yards and self-service vehicle yards to low volume salvage parts dismantling operations, processing a couple of cars a day.

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12445 E 39th Avenue, Suite 506 , Denver , CO 80239 USA
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Vortex De-pollution LLC USA is a Denver, CO based recycling equipment manufacturer, focusing in the automotive industry. Vortex offers a wide range of fluid recovery systems, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing equipment, creating a full supply resource for recyclers of all kinds. Started as an engineering company, Vortex can completely customize all fluid recovery systems to fit the needs of each customer. Vortex works with companies processing a couple cars a day, to large outfits processing upwards of 120 cars per day.

Partnering with several companies worldwide allows Vortex to be the premier automotive recycling equipment provider in North America. The product line ranges from small non-ferrous shears and balers, to large scrap metal and car balers, to horizontal and vertical container loaders. Vortex has every solution to make every business, no matter the size, more efficient and profitable from every angle.

Vortex designs and manufactures equipment for de-pollution end of life vehicles; the equipment has evolved from the earliest days of the UK ELV Directive, when we were asked by Sims Metals to manufacture a system to remove fuels from scrap cars, today that business has grown to cover a full range of specialist vehicle de-pollution tools and equipment and all associated products for vehicle salvage operators, it now includes garage equipment, tools, tanks and process equipment. We manufacture in Nottingham for the UK and European market and in Denver, Colorado for the North American market.

Our equipment is robust, easy to use and reliable. Our designs make the tools operator-friendly and reduce maintenance, thereby increasing productivity, as we make the products ourselves we can very easily change things to suit the customers circumstances.

Potential customers have a variety of issues that they face when deciding what they want from an ELV de-pollution station. It may be limited space, it could be related to the number of vehicles they want to process, or details down to potential spill containment, this is why Vortex has developed equipment for every possibility and it is what really differentiates us from our competitors. We are engineers first and foremost and what our customers like is the  bespoke engineering they get with our system, the well thought out designs that means our equipment just keeps on working efficiently day-in day-out in a very tough environment.

Vortex was the first company in the industry to create and deliver a full two or three day training course for the industry covering all aspects of ELV de-pollution procedures, products, health and safety and environmental compliance. This can be accessed by anyone in the industry regardless of what equipment they are using. Vortex also offers its experience when consulting on process systems for the industry, talk to us about your needs and you will see the benefit we can offer.

Vortex also offers a range of scrap metal processing equipment including, wheel breakers and separators, engine crackers, catalytic converter processing equipment from the vehicle right through to the smelter, alligator shears, a rang of balers including car, ferrous, non-ferrous, shear balers, can balers and magnetic sorters. Cable strippers, aluminum casting machines, waste shredders, bale breakers, PET bottle perforator's and cable granulation equipment.