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  • Core Services (on shore)

  • Water And River Bed Sampling

    Water And River Bed Sampling

    We can undertake water sampling or collect samples of bed material taken from rivers and other inland waterways. This information, together with water flow and sediment fall-velocity measurements, is often used to predict deposition or erosion rates of estuarine sediments for example.

  • Meteorological Measurements

    Meteorological Measurements

    It is often a requirement to monitor meteorological parameters concurrently with other measurements such as waves or currents. The system illustrated is a rugged solar-powered modular weather station with integral data logger. This self-contained unit enables long-term autonomous measurements of up to 6 meteorological parameters to be made - even in remote locations.

  • Beach Erosion Deposition

    Beach Erosion Deposition

    WES have two main ways of monitoring the rate of erosion or deposition of bed material within the inter-tidal environment. The instrument pictured below is a high resolution autonomous acoustic device which can accurately record subtle changes in bed elevation in estuarine muds for example. It can be left unattended for long periods recording data to a solid state logger in a submersible housing.

  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Water Quality Monitoring

    WES has undertaken many studies involving the measurement of a variety of water quality parameters which, together with flow measurements, may be used to evaluate the performance of a set of highway runoff treatment facilities for example.

  • Water Level Recording

    Water Level Recording

    The accurate recording of water levels is often a requirement either on its own or alongside other measurements or activities. This may be for short-term deployments during bathymetric surveys for example, or longer-term monitoring for environmental studies of inland waterways. The Hydrosphere ‘HydroTide’ pressure sensor and logger pictured below is the instrument of choice at jetty installations.

  • Reservoir Surveys

    Reservoir Surveys

    WES has undertaken many bathymetric surveys of reservoirs both in the UK and overseas. The inset below is an example 'difference' plot created from data abstracted from two consecutive surveys showing the areas of accretion or erosion that has taken place.