Waltham Technologies, Inc.

Waltham Technologies, Inc.

Waltham Technologies, Inc. focuses on developing and commercializing innovative methods to clean water. Using our low energy method, customers are able to destroy their waste AND produce high value materials in a single interlocked process. Due to the safety and ease of operation, Waltham Technologies System can be used on location and can rapidly liminate dangerous contaminants while creating clean energy and unique products. Waltham Technologies expects first customer revenues within two years and profitability within four years.

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609 Albany Street , Boston , Massachusetts 02118 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

  • Safe, robust systems for wastewater cleaning
  • Improved bioenergy production
  • Hazard reduction
  • Bioremediation

Need: Breweries, Wineries and other Beverage Producers create large quantities of contaminated water that is expensive to clean. A brewery creates 3-7 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of beer. Wineries create 9.25 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of wine.   These industries need lower cost solutions to remove biologic contaminates and reduce associated energy and sludge disposal costs.

Waltham Technologies is developing a low cost, low energy method to clean high strength wastewater. In addition to reducing operating energy demands by 30-50%, the process will also reduce sludge disposal costs by 30-50%.   This innovative biological process will yield reuse water and one step biodiesel fuel.

Impact: Clean water is the most precious resource and becoming dangerously scarce. Treating wastewater is expensive with large energy demands. Reducing the energy demands while also turning the contaminants into clean energy is an ideal solution. In this way the problems of wastewater treatment costs and environmental impact can be solved together. If this can be done inexpensively and sustainably it will reduce costs for businesses as well as the environment.

Technology: Waltham Technologies’ innovation will use engineered cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) to clean wastewater and produce recombinant enzymes. These enzymes will convert the oils in the harvested cyanobacteria to high quality biodiesel. Together it will create an automated wastewater to biodiesel system turning out clean water and biodiesel. This is possible with Waltham Technologies’ patent pending method for tailoring cyanobacteria using Vitamin B12 as the driver. By using Vitamin B12, the cells are internally driven to complete the new process or die. Dangerous antibiotics and antibiotic resistant genes are not used. Early product development uses brewery wastewater but the process is applicable to other fruit, grain and vegetable processes. Later planned development will help dairies.

Company: Waltham Technologies, Inc. incorporate in 2008 focuses on developing and commercializing innovative methods to clean water.   Using our low energy method, customers are able to destroy their waste AND produce high value materials in a single interlocked process.

Team: CEO: Una S. Ryan, Ph.D., O.B.E. – world-renowned expertise in the biotech industry and Global Health. For 15 years, CEO of AVANT Immunotherapeutics where she raised over $200 million in capital as well as non-dilutive financing.

Founder and CSO: Theresa L. O’Keefe, Ph.D. – extensive biopharmaceutical experience, specializing in creating biologic manufacturing systems including Millennium Pharmaceuticals antibodies and biologic production system.  She consulted for the biofuel industry to evaluate new technologies and reduced antibiotics usage.

Plan: Work with local beverage industries to create a product best suited for their wastewater cleaning needs. With early product launch, expand functionality to assist other small industries. To assist development, Waltham Technologies would like to work with local producers to create a method best suited to actual field conditions. Waltham Technologies wants to build on support from the National Science Foundation (SBIR grant) to advance product development using additional government and private funding. WT is also looking for Strategic Partners/Future Customers to help rapidly create wastewater cleaning systems tailored for real customer needs.