Wapro has established itself as a reliable and fair dealing company in the areas of water supply, sewer and sanitation during the past two decades of operation. Wapro AB began with the invention and development of WaBack back flow valve and has grown to be an established company with several products invented and innovated in-house, all for protection against flooding. Wapro produces WaBack back flow valves, WaStop check valves and the WaReg flow regulator. We have developed a close association with Miljö-og Floudteknikk AS in Norway who produce vortex flow control devices for flow regulation in storm water systems. Wapro can now offer even more specialised solutions, such as rubber check valves and pinch valves in a variety of different sizes for a wide range of uses. Also included in Wapros range is the WaGate products for water control which includes penstocks, overflow slides, float units and PE valves. Customized products can be made to order in PE, PP and stainless steel.

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Munkahusvägen 103 , Karlshamn , 374 31 Sweden

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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The climate changes we are experiencing result in more frequent occurances of extremely high levels of precipitation. Heavy rains and storms are causing problems in urban areas. Wapro is a market leader in protection against flooding from sewage. Water can be stopped from forcing its way into the sewage system by using Wapro products. Our products have prevented thousands of floods throughout the years.