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Wapro AB

Wapro’s products are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Ranging from surface water flooding and flow regulation to odour control and tidal water flooding. To find out more about our products related to your specific area of concern. Tidal flooding has caused extensive damage in many places around the world. When outfalls become submerged by high sea levels roads and residential areas may be flooded. This can lead to an increased pressure on the upstream system in general due to inundated infrastructure. By using a product from Wapro, you can be confident that tidal flood waters will not backflow into your stormwater network. With heavy rains and storms causing severe problems in urban areas, we at Wapro, have committed to protect individuals as well as communities from sewage and stormwater flooding.

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Munkahusvägen 103 , Karlshamn , 374 31 Sweden


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We can all see it, feel it, experience it – the climate changes are affecting us all. Regardless of where we reside, more frequent and higher levels of precipitation is something we have to get used to. And handle.

Through innovative solutions, Wapro’s product portfolio has prevented thousands of floods throughout the years. All with an ambition to keep people and properties safe and sound. Holding back the flood.

We create value for our customers. That value is built on the advantages our products offer, the commitment and drive built into each and every person at Wapro, and the quality and security that Wapro provides.