Warex valves are since more than 50 years a paragon of reliable and reasonable flaps. World-wide WAREX Valves are used in the most different process arrangements problem-free and successfully and have developed themselves into an undisputed quality notion. The origin of WAREX Valve GmbH goes back to 1964: This was when Friedhelm Dirkskötter founded the Dirkskötter Armaturen GmbH & Co. in Senden, Westphalia for the manufacture of shut-off, throttle, and control valves. The company started with the development and manufacture of centrally seated shut-off valves in wafer and double flanged models, with sealing sleeves vulcanised completely into the valve housing. Because of close technological and design collaboration with firms including Chemische Werke Hüls, the plant builders Uhde, CEAG, Mannesmann-Demag and the container manufacturer Thyssen, the rapid growth of Dirkskötter Armaturen GmbH & Co was almost inevitable.

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Whether in the chemistry, the food or the pharmaceutical industry, the process plant as well as container construction WAREX Valves have also proved themselves with rougher operating conditions and problematic application cases since a lot of years very well.

Whether in the chemistry, the food or the pharmaceutical industry, the process plant as well as container construction WAREX Valves have also proved themselves with rougher operating conditions and problematic application cases since a lot of years very well.

Warex Valve Philosophy

  • Customer advisory service
  • inquiry sight and examine
  • bring in decade-long experience (team discussion)
  • calculate and create application-specific construction
  • in accordance with the operational demands build corresponding valve
  • on request customer's care during the installation phase and introduction


In 1974 the manufacturing facilities were extended, in order to keep up with the increased demands of the company's industrial customers. There was an increased requirement for shut-off devices operable at increased system pressures greater than 10 bar, under extreme chemical conditions and thermal loadings. During this time, the owner ensured that the necessary design and manufacturing technology conditions were created for the production of double eccentric shut-off valves.


In 1976 the product range was extended to include the manufacture of double eccentric shut-off valves in wafer and double flanged models, up to a nominal width of 2400. The latter were required for large water and effluent treatment plants, and they are still in use in Berlin, Florence, and Cairo, amongst other places. In addition to so-called soft-sealing models, these types were also delivered as tight sealing models made of pure or composition metals.
The experiences gained in constructing the double eccentric shut-off valves were put to use in a new extension to the product range: the manufacture of patented double flanged non-return valves with adjustable hydraulic damping.
In addition, centrally seated shut-off valves were developed for use with abrasive media. In the range, Dirkskötter included shut-off valves with sealing sleeves externally supplied with compressed air, in order to prevent wear-intensive contact by the disc with the sealing element in the housing during the closing and opening process.


After the accidental death of the company's managing founder in 1982, the company, as DEKA Armaturen GmbH, came under the management of new owners, while retaining the brand name. The new direction resulted in a further expansion of the manufacturing range. Many patent and utility model applications from this period prove the innovative force of the company under the technical leadership of Gerhard Oberbeck. Creativity and target orientation were used to develop technically reliable solutions of practical effectiveness.

For example, a shut-off valve was produced which combined the advantages of a double eccentric shut-off valve with a normal valve. The 90° swivelling movement followed by a linear movement of the disc into the sealing seat of the housing was achieved using one drive shaft. The double eccentric combination valve was introduced to the market under the VENDEX name, and was protected by worldwide patents.


In 1985 the company was sold again: The company now operated under the name 'Westfälische Absperr- Regel- und Exzenterklappen' (for short: Warex)
WAREX Armaturen und Industriebedarf GmbH.

This period includes the further development of shut-off valves with pneumatically supplied sealing elements, for which utility model protection was granted. This grant was made by the German Patent Office as no. 9106 289.6 on 14 November 1991.
Since then, these shut-off valves in the DKZ 103 and DKZ 110 series have been provided with the suffix APS® = Air Pressure Sailing (trade mark 2 046 164), and have proved themselves in practice as long-lasting shut-off devices.

Reactions to the changing needs of the marketing resulted in streamlining and restructuring of the manufacturing range: The manufacture of WAREX double eccentric and double flange non-return valves declined significantly, but the growth in the production of safety-related shut-off valves counteracted this.


In 1992 the first safety-related shut-off valves were built; these were tested and certified for pressure shock resistance and flashback safety by the Mining Testing Institute in Dortmund. These shut-off valves in the DKZ 103 range were henceforth supplied with a DMT certificate, and have since then truly proven themselves in especially explosion-prone equipment.
Through its operational renewal, the company achieved a further opening of the worldwide market for the entire product range . This entrepreneurial decision created the basis for the continual rise of the WAREX company.


In 1995, as a result of business with WAREX customers all around the world, the development of direct representations was commenced. As part of the internationalisation, the company name was changed to WAREX VALVE GmbH At the same time, the managing owner, Fritz Schmidt, handed over the management of the company to Gerhard Oberbeck, who had been Technical Director until then.


In 1996 the manufacture of WAREX products was placed under quality management as per EN ISO 9001. The auditor from the company who carried out the assessment, DET NORSKE VERITAS, certified the development, manufacture, and marketing of the range of WAREX shut-off valves. This confirmed that WAREX valves and fittings fulfil very varied technical operating requirements, and that the company's experience in terms of design, application, and manufacturing technology provides a very high level of safety and reliability for plant designers and users.

With the successful certification, the company took a further important step towards market acceptance of the products. Simultaneously, the permanently increasing requirements placed on the shut-off devices by chemical and thermal processes represented a permanent challenge for the company. Therefore design updates were required for the standard shut-off valves in order to provide users with the maximum in terms of stable, safe, and long-lasting shut-off devices under very severe operating processes, whether for conveyance of solids in pneumatic conveyor devices, or for use in chemical processes.

After intensive trials lasting months, under extreme operating conditions, a new shut-off valve was created as the DKZE 103 series, and patented at the German Patent Office. For this eccentrically seated, universally applicable, low maintenance valve, the pneumatically supplied sealing element can be replaced even by personnel without special training, and there is no need to remove the valve. This model suffers significantly reduced wear, especially in use with pneumatic conveyor equipment for abrasive materials (such as quartz sand). This results in longer service lives for the respective sealing elements, and therefore provides a huge financial benefit to the user.

This series has truly proven itself in toughest use and under the most severe operating conditions. Even after two years use, 24 hours per day, with three to four switches per minute, there have been only slight signs of wear on the sealing elements positioned in the negative flow area. This proved that the working lives of the sealing elements are many times longer than with normal shut-off valves.


In 1999 the planned change in company management as a result of retirement took place without interrupting the continuing further development of WAREX VALVE GmbH. Jörn Schneider, Andreas Reusch and Frank Schmidt then took over the leadership of the company. The set target: the creation of the conditions necessary for the manufacture of complete problem solutions, with special emphasis on safety aspects, in addition to the manufacture and further development of shut-off valves. These include the further development of pressure and chamber sluice valves for discharge or intake, as well as for dosing of solids or in pressure or vacuum vessels, especially in combination with shut-off valves from the certified 'GS' range for explosion-proof separation. Application-specific electro-pneumatic control systems were developed for semi or fully automatic processes using valve/sluice combinations; these can be supplied ready to connect, and can be installed on site without problem. In addition, further shut-off valves were designed for various extreme conditions, and were protected by patent. For example, a metal, tightly closing shut-off valve for hot gases with high solids contents and temperature ranges up to 460° C, as well as the further development of the VENDEX double eccentric combination valve, which has proven itself all over the world.


In 2003, a particularly economical shut-off lightweight valve was developed for highly abrasive media, under the designation DKZE 110, for use in pneumatic conveying and filling plants. This shut-off valve is equipped with an eccentrically seated valve disc and an easily replaceable sealing element. This can also be replaced without dismantling the valve, and is used particularly in equipment of lighter construction or which is mobile. An economical high quality alternative for continuous conveyance and gas-tight shut-off of conveyed materials and granulates in fine dosing units is available with the newly developed WAREX fittings in the DKZ 103 Rotary Valve series, with multi-step star-shaped valve disc. This is particularly suited for continuously supplying fine dosing units and screens with the appropriate conveyed material and granulates without bridging. This valve is available both in 180°-swivel model and in a multi-turn version, depending on the type of operation and the process requirements. The special characteristic of this valve is that it ensures gas-tight shut-off in the relevant 'closed' valve blade setting, thanks to our APS system.

Since 30 June 2003, depending on their application,
shut-off valves have been subject to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

According to this directive, WAREX shut-off valves in the centrally seated DKZ 103, DKZ 110, DKZ 103 GS, DKZ 110 GS, DKZ 103 APS°, and DKZ 110 APS series, as well as the eccentrically seated shut-off valves in the DKZE 103 APS (patent no.: DE 195 42 568) and DKZE 110 APS series (patent no.: DE xxx xx xxx) were subject to EC type approval testing, and were certified by EXAM BBG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, dated 13 May 2003 both as a 'device', and in combination, including the appropriate control system, also as a 'protection system'.

Today, in addition to the manufacture of 'normal' shut-off valves, the company increasingly devotes itself to explosion protection, and develops protection systems which can be used for Kst values up to 1000 bar m/s. Taking into account explosion-hazard areas and the potentially explosive atmospheres which may arise from flammable dusts in zones 20 to 22, WAREX Valve developed double valve systems which fulfil all safety relevant parameters. For this, the specific material characteristics of the dusts, such as ignition temperature, ignition energy, and maximum explosion pressure, were taken into account, as were the classifications of dust explosion classes St 1 to St 3.

Particular characteristics of these systems are the pressure shock-resistant and flashback-safe design up to 14 bar, the suitability for Kst values up to 1000 bar m/s, for gases and for temperature ranges up to 200°C. Further advantages of these systems are reduced air leakage during operation, and no air leakage in the closed state.

Double valve systems consist of a combination of two shut-off valves from the GS range, an associated double holder, plus an EC type approved actuator of the shut-off valves. In order to ensure functional reliability, a patented pneumatic locking was developed; this protects the combination with a precisely adjustable end switch unit (switching hysteresis < 1° or 2°).

The expansion of the worldwide marketing network was achieved through the establishment of additional agencies, and so WAREX VALVE GmbH is present, for example, in France, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland, and is represented by expert contract partners or engineering offices. The permanently rising demands of industry and process technology, and further process-related developments in the chemical industry increasingly require reliable and above all operationally safe shut-off devices tailored to their needs. We face up to these demands, and solve them through many years of experience, expert knowledge, and the creativity of our staff. In our work, we aim at a significant and sustainable increase in value for our customers. We achieve this through the ongoing improvement of our products, a continuous learning process, implementation of the knowledge gained from this, and exceptional customer orientation.


In recent years, the result of this exceptional customer orientation was the development of the protection systems with a Kst value of 1000; this was presented by WAREX in 2008.


In 2010 the product range was enhanced with air technology valves of type DKD-AK, with a nominal width range up to 3000, and different structural shapes (round, rectangular, as a louvre valve, or as a sealing air/tandem valve).

As per the motto 'Standing still is going backwards', all customer suggestions are used in order to develop even more innovative solutions - the range of attractive new developments is far from closed.