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  • WasteRepCRM


    An extension of Salesforce.com's CRM to add Waste Service lines for Bin-size, waste-type and collection frequency/cycle to Opportunities and Accounts with an additional Service Lines Folder and including Gains and Losses Reports and Waste Sales Dashboards.

  • WasteRepCallCenter


    This module supports entry of prospect company/address data and site vist request notes and assignment to reps as well as receiving rep generated cold call new prospect details from in field site surveys. WasteRepCallCentre allows prospective customer service requests to be logged as notes that can be dispatched out to service reps to do site surveys and new service quotations. This list of follow-up notes can be reviewed and assigned to appropriate...

  • WasteRepMobile


    Waste Sales Force Automation (SFA) provides sales reps with PhonePDA systems to help them register new prospect details and service requirements data from site visit surveys, as well as being able to receive call-centre dispatch notes of prospects needing a sales call or reminders of customers needing service contract renewal.

  • WasteSkipHire


    Web based bin-hire booking system for waste company customers or COD self service casual bin hirers. This web service facility can readily be integrated with your current website and provide data on request for your in house systems.

  • WasteRoutes


    Regular lift operations need support for day-of-service routes that help you schedule pickups for a typical day of the week for a nominated route type, with default truck and driver. These can apply to operations like Frontlift, Rearlift, Hooklift, Medical, Paper/Recyclables or Liquid waste.

  • WasteSkipScheduler


    Web based work list management for allocation and scheduling of commercial bulk jobs to drivers and trucks - integrates with Google Maps to show where jobs are on the map.

  • WasteSkipMobile


    Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) or PDA-Phone mobile Jobs management system allows drivers to download jobs allocated by dispatch from the web server, then update job info such as confirming bins lifted; or serial number of bins delivered/picked-up; or input of tipping tonnages and docket numbers.

  • WasteResWorkScheduler


    Request lists that can be viewed and updated by a waste department call centre and assigned to appropriate field staff or contractors who may also view and update calls.

  • WasteResMobile


    This is a mobile PDA/phone based module that supports resident services field staff or supervisors who are responsible for following through on resident service requests. They can download jobs to be done and confirm completion or add notes as responses.

  • WasteResCam


    This is a waste video tracking system for residential services to capture camera video images of lifting operations as proof of service.

  • WasteResWeb


    This is a self service web based resident call or service request and enquiry entry / review facility for ratepayers.

  • WasteGISmaps


    This is an extension option for WasteScheduler to support display of where jobs are on Google Maps through integrated address geocoding.

  • WasteGPSmaps


    This allows a Google map based display of current truck locations and travel trail displays from GPS devices on the truck transmitted via our web-gps service.

  • Bulk Skip Hire

    Bulk Skip Hire

    Our bulk skip hire software module covers job bookings and worklist review for allocation to drivers, with a new Scheduler chart that lets you drag and drop jobs amongst drivers, which is easier than doing it on a whiteboard.

  • Regular Routes

    Regular Routes

    In Commercial & Industrial waste (C&I) or Construction & Demolition (C&D) or other waste management services such as Medical or Liquid services, there may be a need to schedule regular collections. In Wastedge Regular Route management we assign account customers' services to a Route by selecting services setup against customer accounts per bin-type, waste type and collection cycle frequency.

  • Residential


    This module can be divided into 2 sub-modules: Residential Route & Resources Management and Residential Service Calls & Complaints management.

  • Mapping & GPS

    Mapping & GPS

    Mapping is essential to running any waste collection organisation whether it be skips, RORO, regular lift or residential services as in any case you need to be able to visualise where everything is in relation to each other so you effectively route or allocate the stops or bookings. For this very reason Wastedge.com has integrated with Google Maps to provide mapping functionality that allows you to do just that. The ability to see where stops and/or...

  • Sales Rep. Calls & CRM

    Sales Rep. Calls & CRM

    WasteRep (as part of Wastedge.com's suite of software modules) enables your frontline sales staff to track and manage the visits and opportunities they are currently working on. Sales reps can store all the contact and service details they have collected within WasteRep so that they are available when they need them next rather than searching for that lost business card or piece of paper. Future dated follow-up reminders can be set to automatically pop...

  • Web Bookings

    Web Bookings

    Our Online Self Service Web Bookings will allow your customers to book bins with you without having to ring you. This will streamline the booking process within your organisation allowing you to focus on operating your business. Unlike other services that either allow you let customers book jobs online or out-source the bookings to you, we simply charge a dollar per job booked through this service. The bookings then get loaded direct into your...

  • Customer Enquiries

    Customer Enquiries

    Self service enquiries will provide your customers with the latest information relating to the service you are providing them without the need to hassle you with many phone calls asking you when your truck is going to turn up.

  • Waste Weighbridge Data Management

    Waste Weighbridge Data Management

    This module covers weighbridge operations for landfill and transfer stations. Module Features/Functions Overview: Card swipe quick customer identification or Truck number plate entry for last use defaulting Optional vehicle size/container-size selections Waste type confirmation and standard or customer contract material pricing IN or OUT-bound function selection sets tare in or tare out option Direct link to weighbridge scale for weight capture Auto-tare...

  • WasteMonitor.Com


    WasteMonitor.com is coming soon and will provide you with the most relevant infomation regarding waste disposal and recovery centres in your area and how much they charge. This will enable you to get a great price at the right distance.

  • Mobile Device Waste Software

    Mobile Device Waste Software

    These modules are available for different lines of business and in different screen layouts (eg portrait hand-held size versus landscape large screen size) for a variety of hardware devices ranging from mobile phone PDAs (running Windows Mobile6 operating system with optional built in GPS) through to Windows CE Data Terminals or Tablet style XP PC devices. (See hardware options list for samples).

  • Financials


    Wastedge.com has been designed to seamlessly integrate with both Quickbooks and MYOB. This will allow you to use all the functionality you are used to within your chosen financial package while gaining all the benefits of using a customised waste industry software package. Because we have integrated our package with two of the accounting software markets leading packages you don't need to learn how to use yet another complex piece of software and you...