WasteStrategies, LLC is a privately-held environmental management company, headquartered near the nation’s capital in Annapolis, MD. We offer comprehensive solutions to help organizations achieve aggressive pollution prevention measures and reduce exposure by demonstrating regulatory compliance. Through consulting and implementation support, WasteStrategies can help you plan, implement, review, and improve the many processes and actions that affect your environmental impacts and initiatives. Our experience is deep and spans across multiple industries, including educational institutions, healthcare, manufacturing, property management, retail and national waste disposal and landfill operations. Clients come to us for compliance management, health and safety programs, environmental solutions, solid waste management, quality management, and lean enterprise support.

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200 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Suite 300 , Annapolis , MD 21401 USA

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Your Partner in Compliance

WasteStrategies is a full service environmental management company, dedicated to helping organizations achieve aggressive pollution prevention measures and reduce exposure by demonstrating regulatory compliance..

WasteStrategies turnkey service model is designed to achieve your waste reduction and recycling target goals.

What We’re NOT:

To understand how our approach can benefit you, it’s helpful to understand what we’re not:

  • We are NOT a consulting firm; however we do provide consultative resources. The difference is that rather than tell you how to do something we actually come in and do it for you.
  • We are NOT a waste broker; however we do provide the best price by leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships just like the best brokers do.
  • We are NOT a hauler; however we do own all of the compactors and collection assets on your behalf while remaining flexible to choose the best provider.
  • We are NOT a staffing agency; however we do provide a dedicated site manager and the option of technicians to manage the collection and appropriate handling of all waste on-site.

WasteStrategies takes complete ownership of all waste streams on-site and manages them on your behalf. We become your primary single point of contact and are responsible for all aspects of the program both operationally and financially.

When partnering with us you will have everything you need to move your environmental initiatives forward:

  • A baseline analysis of your current spend and environmental profile
  • A comprehensive Waste Reduction Plan to achieve your targeted environmental goals
  • A dedicated Program Manager to oversee all aspects of your program
  • Access to our Environmental Dashboard where you can view important measurements and milestones to ensure your program is reaching its desired results
  • New program assets to ensure you have the tools in place to facilitate waste reduction and recycling
  • A single invoice to simplify your waste management expenses
  • Disposal of all waste
  • A predictable flat fee

WasteStrategies is the environmental expert on your team. We take responsibility for driving your environmental target goals forward, allowing you to focus on your core discipline, product, or service. And unlike most vendors, we have skin in the game.

WasteStrategies is your partner in waste management, environmental compliance, and environmental health and safety. We have dedicated resources ready to help you reduce risk and achieve your goals—regardless of where your organization currently stands.

From waste reduction programs and hazardous waste handling to OSHA audits and lab safety consulting, we have the services and solutions to help you succeed.

Our solutions include:

  • Environmental compliance management
  • Environmental health and safety programs
  • Hazardous waste handling
  • EPA and OSHA audits
  • Zero waste and recycling programs
  • Waste audits
  • Quality management system support
  • Environmental management systems
  • Lab safety consulting

OSHA Audits and Related Health & Safety Services

We provide a full range of OSHA-related services including comprehensive risk assessments, training program development, and OSHA audits. Our consultants can help you build a health and safety program, including lab safety consulting, to address the core issues of maximizing worker safety and minimizing costs.

WS AuditPRO for Environmental Compliance

Our flagship compliance management system, WS AuditPRO, offers a simple and powerful platform to assess and understand your risks and increase your productivity in the management of EPA, OSHA, and a host of other safety and compliance issues.